My Career Goals Essay: Writing Tips from Experts


If you have got a task to write about career goals, you are lucky twice. First of all, it is useful for your future so you will have a good score for the topic you will think about anyway. The second reason is that if you are not ready to make career goals, now you can read someone else’s essay or pay experts from WriteMyPaperHub – a write my essay service to have your papers written online. There is no right or wrong answer for the question of which goals are better or more worthy, but there are some writing rules that might help you to get a good mark for this kind of writing. We gathered tips from our experts as a step-by-step guide that you can follow for a perfect result.

Dream big.

It is not a business plan, so you can imagine anything you dream about. The goal is not to convince your readers that you will reach all of your goals but share your thoughts with them and try to analyze the ways that will lead you there. It is not a bad dream to become a President, but finally, take the position of CEO. But the dream of being unemployed will hardly bring you to any position.

Choose a sphere you’d love to work, and you’d never work.

It is a very interesting question for a lot of students. Some say that would never work for the alcohol industry, some say that can take any position but only in cinematography. All people have different opinions, and it is perfect because we all chose different professions. Only imagine the world only with doctors. What would they do without constructors, electricians, and others? Thanks to our diversity, our world develops in all ways at the same time and seems harmonic.

Make step-by-step instructions.

If you already decided the way you go, you can use this essay to make a detailed plan of steps that will lead to every goal. What courses do you need to pass? How many years should you work in the same position to move on? How many companies have suitable vacancies for you? Is it better to move to another region to do the trick? How and when will you form your team? It is normal when during any process, some steps change or even skip. When each of us was a baby, one of our goals was to stand up, and we tried again and again. It seems strange to have this goal now, isn’t it? The same is about career goals, so don’t be afraid to change, ignore, and add steps for reaching it.

Use stories of success of the persons you admire.

To become a vice president is good to read the biographies of previous persons who held this rank. You will find a lot of similarities that are good to follow and a lot of differences that you can choose for yourself. Don’t try to invent things that someone invented before. Just use them for your own needs and add personal traits.

Turn on your imagination.

If we forget for a second that this writing can be useful as a guide, we will see that this is about imagination. Your teacher doesn’t know your real dreams, so you can write a quality essay full of surprises. For example, you can imagine yourself a child of a billionaire, or a child of a king of a small country, or a citizen of a small village that mines the biggest diamonds in the world. What would you prefer? While preparing such an essay, you can even feel yourself a writer and choose it as a profession with the career goal to get a Nobel prize in literature.

Don’t forget to proofread.

You are a writer yet, so use proofreading. All professional writers use proofreading all the time. It is a great practice for everyone who writes, not only a diary. After reading your work again and again, you can’t see even evident mistakes, not to mention slips of the pen. It is also good to give your essay to your friend. Even not a professional can notice some mistakes and pay your attention to them. Online services are also good for checking so you can use them too.

As you see, writing a career goal essay is an exciting thing when you can check a lot of abilities. You can prove yourself as a writer, as a planner, as an analyst. As soon as you create a career goal, you can start to move to it, and it is great. Younger people have more resources, more rights for mistakes, and can have more time for changing their way. So try to take all useful specialities from this kind of writing and imagine that this is some kind of scheduling of your life.