Heavy Drinkers Have More Energy

Here’s some good news for us, er, we mean heavy drinkers — while you’re drowning your liver in alcohol, you’re also providing your brain with an energy boost. A study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that people who consumed at least eight drinks per week got more energy from acetate than those who consumed two drinks per week.

The brain runs on sugar, but when acetate — an alcohol by-product that can be found in vinegar – is available to burn, the body utilizes that instead. It translates into extra energy … and possibly addiction.

Of course, getting shitfaced on the regular isn’t an amazing long-term strategy for healthy living. Aside from developing an addiction, there’s also potential liver problems, high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, and cancer to contend with. Keeping that in mind, the eggheads who performed the study say they’re going to see if an acetate supplement will supply the same brain benefits while at the same time helping lessen the body’s dependence on booze. Sheesh … kinda makes us wish their findings were released after St. Patrick’s Day.