Surprising Ways to Burn Extra Calories

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Holidays are coming, and it’s a wonderful time that you’ll most likely spend with your family and friends. It is a period when we all eat a lot, but unfortunately, we don’t move nearly as much as we should. As a result, when you weigh yourself, you can’t believe your eyes! How can you get rid of these new kilograms? Here, you’ll find three surprising ways, that will help you get thin again!

Run faster

More intense cardio will bring you better results. If you implement sprints, between strength training sessions, you can burn more calories. If you’re jogging, make sure that you add occasional sprint once you are warmed up. Not everyone knows about it, but running faster is what allows you to lose the most weight. That’s why you see so many people who are doing intervals. Try it out, don’t give up, and you’ll see amazing results, after a while!

Fewer reps with more weight

When you finally hit the gym, remember to train with heavier weights. It’ll allow you for higher calories burn. Personal trainers often advise to lifting heavier weights, even if it’s only 5-10% more because the increased fat burning will continue even after your workout.

Take music with you

Have you noticed that whenever you have headphones with you, the workout is much more effective? It’s not a coincidence. Research has proven that listening to music increases the rate of your work out. If you listen to upbeat music, you move faster, and as a result, you can burn more calories. So, if you don’t have headphones for the gym, you could check out Bluetooth headphones under 50 review, and choose the ones that will be your new gym companion.

Music has a significant impact on our physical performance. If you want to learn more about it, check out the infographic, provided by Headphones Addict:

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