Ten tips to effectively get rid of belly fat

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Belly fat is considered to be particularly stubborn and difficult to get rid of once it is present. Even with the best sports and fitness programs, it is a real challenge to effectively reduce existing belly fat. Whether through abdominal exercises or with the help of supportive anabolic steroids such as Anavar, burning fat from the abdomen is an important aspect of health. It is not for nothing that abdominal fat is considered the greatest health risk associated with excess body fat. In the long run, it can promote diseases of the cardiovascular system or even diabetes mellitus type 2.

The right abdominal workout

The best workout to reduce abdominal fat is a combination of exercises. There is not one specific exercise that is particularly functional here, but it is crucial to activate as many muscle groups as possible in parallel. A combination of squats, lunges and sit-ups, for example, is suitable.

In addition, there is endurance training (for example, running, cycling or swimming) and strength training, both with and without equipment. With everything, regularity is always the deciding factor. Belly fat will return if training is neglected over a long period of time.

Avoid short-chain carbohydrates

Sugar, white flour products, sweets, fructose and similar products enter the blood directly when ingested, causing a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. However, when the carbohydrate stores in the blood are already full, a conversion of the sugar takes place. So-called triglycerides (neutral fats) are stored in the adipocytes (fat cells). The resulting body fat is particularly stubbornly retained in the abdominal area.

Instead, it is much better to eat a diet that consists primarily of long-chain carbohydrates. They are found, for example, in whole grain products, nuts and legumes. These nutrient-rich foods have little effect on blood sugar levels and produce correspondingly little belly fat.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Training is now the talk of the town. In only ten minutes of training, which however pushes every athlete to his or her limits, a highly effective fat burning takes place that continues to have an effect for a long time. Variety is possible here in any case, from running or spinning to swimming, whatever you like is allowed.

Interval training is also considered to be extremely positive for improving heart function. Those who take steroids such as Anavar to support the reduction of abdominal fat are required to pay particular attention to prudent cardio training. In addition, Anavar, like any steroid, should not be used long-term without a thorough knowledge of the possible side effects.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Diet, exercise and sport are not the only key points for losing belly fat. Sleep is also one of the fundamental factors. It’s not just about the quantity, but also the quality of sleep. People who sleep only five hours a night or even less are significantly more affected by obesity than people who sleep more. A healthy night’s sleep is also relevant here. Those who sleep too little or even too poorly produce more ghrelin, a metabolic hormone responsible for regulating appetite.

Sustainably reduce stress

Increased stress levels over a long period of time promotes the production of the steroid hormone cortisol. It is also known as the stress hormone and is vital for the body, especially in terms of its performance. On the other hand, if too much cortisol is repeatedly produced due to a high level of stress, this leads to a much stronger appetite. This favors increased food intake and, consequently, an increase in abdominal fat. Relaxation opportunities are important to keep stress levels permanently low.

Consume enough fiber

One of the most important factors in reducing belly fat is a diet rich in fiber. It satiates for a long period of time and has a particularly good effect on intestinal function. A lack of fiber is associated with the risk factor of obesity. This is associated not least with an increase in unhealthy belly fat. At least 30 grams of dietary fiber should be consumed daily. 40 grams are better and also recommended. Especially plant foods are rich in fiber.

Eat plenty of protein

A protein-rich diet provides long-lasting satiety. This is ensured in particular by the peptide hormone YY, which is produced more when proteins are ingested. The hormone is also known as the satiety hormone. Those who eat a diet particularly rich in protein have a lower amount of belly fat compared to other diets.

In addition, the body requires more energy to digest protein-rich foods compared to a purely carbohydrate-heavy meal. A balanced profile of amino acids provides valuable support here. Varied proteins are beneficial, for example in the form of legumes, fish, some meat or even tofu.

Anavar as a supplemental support

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that is commonly used for muscle building. However, Anavar is also used to burn fat more effectively without losing muscle mass at the same time due to its fat-burning effects. Anabolic steroids, including Anavar, can enable a boost in metabolism, which is generally considered to be beneficial for fat loss.

The steroid Anavar is suitable for both women and men. Anavar is a drug and should only be used with proper knowledge of its mode of action and dosage.

Interval fasting to activate fat burning

Nutritionists postulate that food intake should ideally not exceed the energy the body uses in parallel. Intermittent fasting can be supportive in both losing (desired) weight and reducing body fat. Intermittent fasting involves abstaining from food for a certain period of time. One of the most common variants here is the 16:8 method, where food is allowed for eight hours and fasting takes place for the following sixteen hours. This strategy facilitates the transition to the mode of fat burning. This is especially true for the abdomen.

Regular exercise in everyday life

Exercise is one of the most crucial and important factors for fat burning. Those who are predominantly sedentary and only do an occasional exercise session will not have long-term, and therefore sustainable, success in losing belly fat. Rather, it is important to integrate constant small exercise units into the daily routine. Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator would be one option, but also getting off the subway one or two stops earlier on the way to work and walking the rest of the way. If you want to motivate yourself, use a pedometer.


Reducing belly fat works differently for everyone. While some rely on Anavar, others swear by certain proteins or motivate themselves to do a daily HII workout. The best results are not achieved exclusively through Anavar or only high-protein foods. It all comes down to variety.

A healthy lifestyle is always the foundation. This applies to both diet and an adequate amount of exercise. Individual trial and error is also an important motto. Every body works differently. While for some it is enough to specifically exercise the abdomen daily and eat healthy, others benefit from a combination of Anavar, stress reduction, interval fasting and sufficient sleep.