The Best Workouts For Men: Shoulders

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Broad shoulders make your clothes fit better, make you look more imposing, and make you look more powerful, which are all good things … unless you’re at a bar and a drunk short guy with self-esteem issues is looking for someone to fight, because then he’ll choose you. Anyway, if you want solid shoulders, you probably need to hit the gym. We’ll tell you how to add size, strength, and definition to your deltoids, but it’s on you to use a reasonable amount of weight (the amount of weight is always secondary to form).

Remember, when you’re attempting to build muscle, stick between 8-12 reps. And your goal with this shoulders workout is to isolate each deltoid head and your trapezius with precise movements, not to make yourself hemorrhage from the ears. So if you’re gasping for air, take some more time and lighten the load on your next set.