Top Tips to Find the Perfect Car for You

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One of the most important purchases you will ever make is a car.

A car gives you independence and freedom whilst also providing you with an extra blanket of security in case of emergencies. Without them, modern life wouldn’t be the same.

So, when the time arrives to purchase yourself a new car, it’s important to plan, plan, and plan some more. Otherwise, you’ll finish up buying a car that’s not right for you.

This article is here to help you, so use the following top tips to find the perfect car.

Whether you’ve just recently passed your driving test or are an experienced driver, these tips are for all drivers.

1. Consider Buying a Used Car (and Save Money in the Process)

Many drivers face a difficult decision when buying a car: new or used?

Both sides come with pros and cons. However, if you want to save money and are on a tight budget to begin with, buying a used car is a much better option for you.

When buying a used car, make sure to choose one from trade price cars. There’s an exciting range of used cars to choose from that will fall appeal to your budget, no problem.

2. Always Do a Test Drive

If you visit a dealership in person, you’re more than entitled to a test drive (in fact, most dealerships will recommend that you do one). This will allow you to get a genuine feel for a car and whether you like it or not. Remember, it’s especially important to do a test drive if you’re buying a used car due to the fact that it’s had a previous owner (or owners).

Before starting your test drive, here are some mental notes to look out for (in both new and used cars):

  • Slack breaks
  • Irresponsive steering
  • Poor-quality interior design
  • The amount of space you have
  • Parking efficiency

Upon completing a test drive, you will have a much better idea of whether the car is right for you.

3. Choose a Model Suited to Your Personal Life and Career

Many people’s choice of car comes down to a couple of key aspects: their personal lives and careers.

If you’re someone who is always out on the road – be it for work or personal reasons – then you should look to choose a high-performance, mobile car that can rack up a lot of miles.

However, if you’re buying a car but know that you won’t be using it much, it’s probably worth choosing an older (and lower-cost) model.

4. Think About Future Family Life

Additionally, you should also think carefully about your future family life.

If you have a couple of young children who will be growing a lot over the next couple of years, you’ll need to buy a spacious car, such as a 4×4 model (Land Rovers are a great choice). This way, when you’re doing the school run and going on family holidays together, you won’t have to worry about everyone being cramped in.

5. Don’t Leave Your Budget Zone with Monthly Payments

These days, people tend not to pay cash up-front for cars (unless they’re insanely rich). Instead, they pay a deposit followed by monthly payments of varying amounts. Because of the medium of monthly payments, many people fall into the trap of leaving their budget to get a car that’s actually out of their range. Therefore, you mustn’t leave yours – so use these budgeting tips as extra support.

Good luck in finding your perfect car!