VIN Code as a DNA of Your All-Terrain Vehicle

If you want to buy an all-terrain vehicle (aka ATV), then you should never skip the VIN checkup. Being a DNA of a vehicle, this combination will tell you a lot about the history of a particular motorized off-highway automobile. There are absolutely no exceptions when it comes to ATV VIN checks. Here are just some highway automobile models whose history reports should be checked:

  • Yamaha Grizzly;
  • Polaris Sportsman Xp 1,000;
  • Polaris Scrambler Xp 1000s;
  • Kawasaki Brute Force 750;
  • Yamaha Kodiak 450;
  • Kawasaki Brute Force 300.

Regardless of the ATV model, its VIN code will tell a lot about the vehicle. Therefore, you should always request an ATV report or run an independent VIN lookup on your own.


All You Need to Know About VIN

There are a lot of talks and misconceptions about VIN codes, their value, and their importance. While some people believe that the ATV check should start with decoding its VIN code, there are still those who consider it a useless combination. Let’s dive into the question and try to answer the basic questions associated with the VIN code function and importance.

What Information Can You Find Out by the ATV’s VIN Code?

This combination carries a lot of useful data, which you should definitely know before buying a new as well as a used ATV.

  • What country the vehicle has been manufactured in?
  • What country the ATV has been assembled in?
  • When (the year) was the vehicle issued?
  • What is the original configuration of the ATV?
  • Has the motorized off-highway vehicle been involved in any traffic accidents?
  • Has the ATV been damaged?

All these and many other questions can be easily answered by simply decoding the VIN. Service as the car ID, this code stores the entire history of the vehicle. Given the fact that this is an identification number of an ATV, with the proper approach, almost everything can be found out about this automobile. Starting from the vehicle model, year of manufacture, configuration, type, and engine displacement, you can reveal just everything.


Why You Need to Know This Code

Anyone who owns an ATV can probably answer this question. After all, if you decide to buy a component part, then you will be asked to provide the VIN code of the car that you need the component for. And this will happen every time you order any part for the vehicle. Most importantly, this combination really helps to identify the car. Moreover, now knowing the VIN code or the state number of the ATV, you will hardly be able to find any information about this vehicle online. Thus, when you make a purchase, the VIN check-up is the only way to make it safe.

Where Can You Find the VIN?

As a rule, if you ask a question where the VIN is located, you will be told to look for it on the back of the ATV. However, it is not always the case, and there may be many exceptions. It is better to get a certificate of the car registration, and you will find the desired combination in body number specs.