Wall-mounted metal shelving: functionality you deserve

Metal vertical storage structures of various setups, shapes, and dimensions are appropriate for arranging working areas in food establishments. In garages and warehouses, such options are also pretty useful, allowing one to totally reshape the design and area. They are convenient, practical, durable, and stylish, so it is possible to position wall-mount stainless steel shelves in the most ergonomic manner. It means that the personnel and workers can have everything needed for the processes at eye level so that no extra time will be wasted on pointless searches for utensils or ingredients. It is needed to decide on the number of stainless steel wall shelves, their purposes, and how the particular unit will fit in the room’s existing layout.


Top reasons to opt for wall-mount shelving units

Comfort zoning above all else. All modern models of metal vertical structures are created light and compact. They are made of special steel: thin, but strong. Metal racks and shelves are no longer those bulky, non-ergonomic, and heavy options that were used in warehouses and production facilities fifty years ago. Modern, up-to-date, and versatile wall-mounted metal shelving is ideal for traditional purposes, as well as for more specific tasks. They can withstand not only light decor but also heavy objects, which is sometimes beyond the power of other types of equipment and materials.

Resistance capacity. Steel products are perfect for rooms with high humidity. Stainless steel wall shelves will last for more than one year, unlike chipboard, wood, or plastic which will deteriorate very quickly and impose an array of risks, such as uncontrolled spread and growth of unhealthy fungus and mold. As a result, bacteria will inevitably multiply. Of course, with cheaper alternatives, there may be problems with rust or even peeling paint. However, this is not the case for steel surfaces.

Great storage solution. If you are striving to gain a higher level of efficiency and smartly arranged design, then metal shelves attached to the wall at a comfortable height are simply irreplaceable. They will perfectly fit into traditional and more atypical decor and will be well combined with other appliances and accessories. Wall-mounted metal shelving makes it possible to store a much larger number of things than traditional lockers, drawers, and cabinets which may slow down the speed of preparation and area cleaning.

In addition to versatility, vertical shelves made of metal have another important advantage — the speed of assembly. Metal racks are assembled much faster than similar types made of chipboard or wood. Such constructions are especially convenient, as they can be relocated anytime without the need for extra installation effort or tools. It is a well-known fact that furniture that can be disassembled wears out very quickly. But steel units are designed for frequent disassembly and assembly, so no symptoms of deterioration and aging will occur. This is an indispensable modular option for more flexibility. Excellently equipped working zones mean that performing the toughest tasks and operations will require less time. The processes are well-optimized, and each element has its place. Careful storage of things must be well thought out in the kitchen and utility rooms. If traditional racks take up too much floor space, vertical models are real space-savers.