Waterproof Gadgets That’ll Survive Your Vacation

550SunBriteSunBrite Outdoor 55” LCD Flat Panel TV
A vacation home is not much fun if you have to miss an important game.

Of course, you want to be able to enjoy the view you’ve paid for as well. SunBrite has solved this paradox with its line of LCDs designed to be enjoyed outdoors.

The aluminum-clad boob tube is resistant to rain, temperature, dust and insects, so it would make a great addition in you kids’ room as well.

Because they are good at what they do, SunBrite does not only offer tiny TVs that can only be viewed by a single person. Rather, their top-of-the-line model comes in at a whopping eight-person-hot-tub size of 55 inches.

Careful fighting over the remote; it is only water resistant.