What Are Real Career Prospects After Getting a Degree?

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Finishing the first degree is one of the most fulfilling moments of a student’s life, but a lot of people are left wondering, then what? Adjusting to the outside world after four or five years of mostly studying and nothing else can be tough. It’s always advisable to take on more tasks to improve your chances of employment, but those aren’t always open to everyone. 

There are always ways you can work on the muscles of your course once you’re done with school. In terms of which, you can either decide to get a job or be self-employed. Willing to take up a writing assignment or two for income or start your own thing? This is the place for you.


Freelancing and contracting work

The gap that normally goes unaddressed when it comes to graduating is what happens to people that aren’t sure what they want to do with their degrees.

Or, what if you’ve been struggling to get a job for a while and need to fill the empty space with something worthwhile? What about people that just want to take a gap year to earn a little money before they pursue their graduate education?

The best option you have to you if you lie in any one of these categories is to become a freelancer. Having just finished school, a whole new world you were possibly not aware of before is now open to you.

A particularly lucrative business is taking up anything in the writing sector. Take on a role as a content writer specializing in articles for your field, become an essay assistant at edubirdie. It’s the top platform for homework help online, thesis, dissertation and college essays.

This world is only now open to you because most platforms require that you acquire at least a diploma. With an undergraduate degree, you’re free to join pretty much any essay writing service you wish as an essay writer.

But freelancing goes way beyond just writing. There’s a little bit for every person out there and their specialization. Engineering graduates could start making AutoCAD models. Marketing graduates could find temporary positions with remote analytics companies. Computer scientists can do routine coding jobs and so on.

Freelancing is an entirely different world where the rules aren’t as clearly laid out as we’d like, but it still earns you plenty of money. There are various freelancing platforms where you can get a chance to work with a large company and get regular work from there. Not only you gain experience from there, but you can also give it the shape of an agency-style business in some time.


Getting a full-time job

This is the route most people take once they become graduates. It really doesn’t get more complicated than searching and applying for jobs either locally or online.

The trick to this part is knowing the right places to look for the job you intend to specialize in. There are hundreds of job postings on the web every minute, but only a few likely specialize in the sector you intend to work in.

A common mistake made by a lot of graduates is to be intent on working for a major company and nothing else. Consider working for an SME as a starting point for your career.

The pay is, of course, less than you’d earn at a Fortune 500, but they offer free training for what could be a permanent role and buffs up your CV. Besides, your first job doesn’t tie you to the same career or even industry forever.

During your first job, it’s essential to build contacts within your industry. The only way that can be done is through the experience of being there, attending conferences and events and meeting new people in the field.

Improve your LinkedIn profile and work on your CV to show off what you’re really good at. This is essential if you don’t want to have a rough time when looking for another job in the same field.

Starting your own gig

Anyone can start their own gig if they work hard enough at it, regardless of your specialization. It could be a brick and mortar business like a physical book store or a more modern approach to self-employment like an online store, consulting company, or business.

Again, for anyone that doesn’t mind a little bit of research and online work, starting a blog or your own ‘my assignment help’ platform is a viable option. Getting your gig off the ground might be one of the most complicated things you’ve done, but it’s completely worth it in the end. Be proactive, try a different approach if things don’t work out and learn from your setbacks.


Getting a job after school isn’t going to be the simplest thing in the world. It needs a lot of dedication, research, work and compromise. The best advice you can get is to settle at a small position initially and let yourself grow from there. For people not willing to get employed, self-employment via your own gig or freelancing online with a writing assignment or code is an option that’s always open to you.

Author Bio:

Rey Campbell is a freelancer academic writer, blogger and copywriter working with online essay companies and tech startups. He’s also an expert in digital marketing and his dual skills has helped many startups scale up the business. In his free time, he like to spend time by playing golf, going out for camping and hiking and watching latest shows on TV.