What is a Narcissist’s New Supply?

Narcissists have an insatiable need for attention and admiration, and they often seek out new sources of supply to feed their egos. But what exactly is a narcissist’s new supply? In this blog post, we will explore what a narcissist’s new supply is and how it plays into the narcissistic cycle of abuse.

What Is a New Supply?

A new supply is someone that the narcissist uses as an emotional crutch in order to keep their self-confidence high. This person might be someone who shares the same interests or values as the narcissist but could also be someone who the narcissist finds attractive or interesting in some other way.

The relationship between the narcissist and their new supply typically starts out with promises of grandeur, love, support, and adoration. However, once the supply has been “hooked” into being emotionally dependent on the narcissist, they will quickly start to experience gaslighting, manipulation, lies, and other abusive behaviors from their partner.

The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse

The narcissistic cycle of abuse occurs when a narcissist finds a new source of emotional support and begins to drain them for all they are worth in order to boost their own confidence levels.

This cycle can last anywhere from weeks to months depending on how long the victim is willing to put up with it before seeking help or breaking off contact with the abuser altogether.

During this time period, victims may experience emotional manipulation (e.g., guilt-tripping), verbal abuse (e.g., name-calling), physical violence (e.g., hitting), or sexual abuse (e.g., pressuring). Afterward, when the victim has had enough and tries to leave, the abuser may use threats or coercion in order to keep them around longer until they can find another source of “supply” for themselves elsewhere.

This pattern can repeat itself over and over again until either one party finds help or gets away entirely from this toxic situation.


Narcissists rely on new supplies in order to feed their ego and maintain their sense of self-worth; these supplies are typically unsuspecting individuals who are unaware that they are being used as pawns in an emotionally manipulative game until it is too late.

Understanding what a narcissist’s new supply is can help us recognize these patterns more quickly so that we don’t become trapped in such damaging situations ourselves—or if we do find ourselves in one already then know how best to get out safely without sacrificing our mental health any further than necessary. If you think that you might be dealing with such an individual please reach out for professional help right away! It is absolutely crucial that you do not attempt to handle this situation alone as it can quickly spiral out of control if not addressed appropriately from day one!