What Kind of Tools Can Help You Stay Safe at Night?

paul felberbauer tM16SjCYy84 unsplash

As kids, we’d ask for night lights or for doors to be left cracked open so that we could still feel safe despite it being dark.  As adults, our fear of the dark has gone from us as long as we’re safe in our homes, but the outside world is a different game.  Women especially have many reasons to be nervous, with boogiemen taking forms that look nothing like the monsters we imagined as kids.  From worrying the man walking behind you is following you, to being careful to call your friend while you’re in an Uber driver’s car to tell them where you are loud enough for the driver to hear- there are tools we have to take to protect ourselves.

Life would be more comfortable if this weren’t the case, but this is what we have to do to be safe.  If you need extra security and aren’t sure where to start- these tools can help keep you safe.


This tool is fantastic because it offers a chance for distance and space.  You don’t have to hit anyone physically, but you can harm them enough to allow you the time it takes to run and get away.  Many don’t realize that these little containers are one use, and after you’ve sprayed them, there’s not enough to use them again.  If you use this, make sure to aim and hit your mark on the first try.  Aim for the attacker’s eyes and only eyes, aiming for the nose or mouth, could severely damage someone’s lungs and may accidentally kill someone- which is hard to move past.

Self Defense Key Rings

These handy tools are excellent because they can blend into any keychain or purse.  These tools, ranging from knuckle dusters to extendable batons and knives, can pop in to use nearly instantly.  Their ease of use means you have a higher chance of accessing them if anything happens.  The more quickly you can react, the better chance you have at getting away.

Tactile Knife

Some may feel uncomfortable carrying a weapon around with themselves but think of it as a tool instead of a gun.  These knives can be used for everything from opening packages to cutting tags off of clothing.  They have the perk of being the best possible thing to use against an attacker.

You can keep a small knife on a keychain or in an easy to access pocket of your purse, and 

TaserAs common as this idea is, it does require some work on your part.  Tasers are weapons that aren’t legal everywhereStun Gun Laws and Permit Requirements in the USA, so you should check your state and city laws before purchasing and carrying one around.  From here, it’s a good idea to practice or get training on how to handle this weapon, so you don’t accidentally harm yourself or anyone you don’t want to hurt.  They can be inexpensive, but it’s a good idea to go for a quality one to ensure it works when it comes to using it.