What to Look for in a Professional Photographer


As cell phone cameras continue to get better and advance, more people are getting interested in photography. Cell phone cameras can be a great stepping stone into photography, with many people falling in love with the hobby and then later purchasing a digital camera. However, simply having a camera and loving to take pictures does not make you a professional photographer. When you want to photograph for a special occasion, you’ll likely want to hire a professional photographer to make sure everything turns out perfectly. So how can you pick out a great professional photographer from an amateur pursuing photography as a hobby? Here’s what to look for in a professional photographer.

Strong Portfolio

The first thing you should look at when you’re trying to book a photographer is their portfolio. All professional photographers should have a strong portfolio of work. A photographer’s portfolio is extremely important, as it can give you a sense of what the photographer’s work is like and how they handled shoots in the past. In addition, a strong portfolio shows that a photographer has been doing photography professionally for a while. Amateur photographers will likely have a much smaller and weaker portfolio of work, or they may not even have one at all. Requesting samples of work from a photographer can be a fantastic way of seeing exactly what you’ll get without actually committing to anything.

Customer Reviews

Another important thing to look at when looking for a professional photographer is customer reviews. Much like looking at a portfolio of work, customer reviews can give you a great glimpse of what you’ll be getting out of a photographer. Customer reviews will outline the positives and negatives of working with a particular photographer. If reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then chances are the photographer is very good at their job, and vice versa. However, customer reviews can actually go more in-depth than that. Reading the entire review may allow you to see what a photographer does well and what they struggle with, allowing you to tailor your choice of photographer to your needs and desires.


Although the quality of work is extremely important for professional photography, it isn’t the only thing you should be looking at. Pricing is also extremely important when deciding on what photographer to hire. Photographers need to make money, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to have some photos taken. On the flip side, if a photographer’s rates seem way too cheap, you may have some concerns about the quality of their work. Always view a photographer’s portfolio and reviews first, and then look at their rates. If you’re impressed with their work and they’re affordable, then you likely found yourself a good hire.


Perhaps one of the most important and underrated aspects of a good photographer is professionalism. You want someone who has actually made a business out of their craft and can be trusted. Some aspects of professionalism you may want to look into includes the photographer’s website, manners, equipment, and backups. A professional photographer should have a strong website, just like any other business, and should be prompt when it comes to meetings and shoots. If your photographer never shows up, then you may never be able to capture your special moment. In addition, a photographer should always have backup plans in case something goes wrong. This means that they should always bring backup equipment in case something goes wrong during a shoot, and they should always make backup files of the photos they have taken. You can learn a lot about a photographer from how they conduct themselves and approach problems, so use that to your advantage when deciding who to hire.