Which Is More Effective Between Topical And Oral Marijuana Treatments

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Medical marijuana is available in different forms and variants today. In addition, there are various CBD products available in the market today, which allows patients to take advantage of its benefits to the fullest.

To get access to medical marijuana of any kind, you must have two things – a prescription from your doctor and a medical marijuana card. If you do not have one, start looking for the requirements on how to apply for a medical marijuana card in Georgia or your state.

Now, out of all kinds, the marijuana oral and topical options are the most popular. In this article, we find out which option is more effective – the topical or the oral one. Carefully balancing out the advantages and disadvantages of both options will help make an informed decision.

Oral Cannabis

One of the best benefits of oral cannabis is that you would not need to smoke or take up the heat to experience the positive impacts of cannabis. Smoking can release harmful toxins, which can have negative implications for your health.

Other advantages of oral cannabis alternative are:

●        By consuming oral cannabis, patients can experience better effects for a longer time. It works great for patients who need lasting relief.

●        Oral treatments help the patients to intake better nutrition from the plant. Dried marijuana might not contain all of these.

●        When you take cannabis orally, you can get the perfect dose. It is an excellent option for patients who prefer to take the proper dosage of medicine to get better effects from the treatment.

Disadvantages of oral marijuana are –

●        It has powerful effects, which can sometimes become a matter of concern.

●        When you take oral medications, it might take several hours before the plant can pass to your bloodstream. Thus, they are not capable of providing instant relief. Giving the patient more than the prescribed dosage will not make it work faster.

●        Patients who suffer from severe vomiting or nausea might not be able to take this medication.

Topical Marijuana

These come with many advantages like:

●        If you are suffering from skin inflammation and pain, topical marijuana can provide some significant relief.

●        It has the best healing benefits without any side effects.

●        It can provide you with long-lasting comfort.

●        If you are experiencing pain in a small and localized area, this option can prove to be quite effective.

One significant drawback of marijuana topicals is that they cannot be used on health issues like epilepsy and nausea. Its application is focused on providing relief only in a few cases.

So which is better?

Both oral and topical marijuana comes with their own benefits. But only your doctor will be able to recommend the most effective one for your condition. It is essential to consult an experienced marijuana doctor to help you with the correct dosage and guide you with an option that can provide you safe relief.