Will regulatory actions hurt BTC?

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In 2017, cryptocurrencies came out as an incredible opportunity of making huge investments. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally are increased by huge volumes and investments in their space. Bitcoin became the most popular cryptocurrency and was getting necessary regulatory actions because of its high prices. Also, 2018’s beginning was not a good thing for bitcoin. Due to the increasing prices of bitcoin, many nations were looking forward to imposing bans and regulating the actions of bitcoin. However, it was nothing new in the cryptocurrency market, and still, people kept on investing in it. Due to the widespread cryptocurrency sphere across the globe, people have become more and more interested in it. The widespread popularity of bitcoin leads to the further rise of different coins globally, making people available with viable options to trade in different coins. Visit the official page of Pattern Trader Auto-Bot for more information on bitcoin trading.

The bank of England

The economy of England is not much affected by any other thing but the upcoming events in the global economy. The bank of England is concerned that the increasing use of cryptocurrencies is the economy’s downfall. Cryptocurrencies pose a severe threat to the global economy, and therefore, different central banks of the world are looking forward to imposing strict restrictions. Recently, when the weekend was approaching, the bank of England made statements and concerns about the cryptocurrency market. To build a global framework of a sound financial system, it needs to stop the cryptocurrency movement completely. It has published the financial stability report for the bank of England recently, and it has also mentioned a separate section for the digital assets in the report.

Some of the major headings of the reports are the rising Covid crisis. Apart from this, some of the most important things mentioned in the report were Bank resilience, mortgage measures and the economy. According to the details in the report, the bank looks forward to imposing tighter rules and regulations on the money supply. Also, there has been increasing inflation in the country, making it essential for the bank to change the military rules and policy and impose a tighter policy for control. Having complete control of the money supply is one of the essential tools in controlling inflation. When inflation is increasing in different nations of the world, the bank of England supposes that controlling the money supply would be the ultimate method. This is because when people have a lower amount of money in their hands, they will not be able to make purchases and increase demand leading to a decrease in inflation.

According to the Internet, the report posted by the bank of England says that the cryptocurrency assets are posing only a limited amount of directories to the financial stability of the United Kingdom. However, suppose the popularity of cryptocurrency is kept on increasing at a fast speed. This software will present some severe financial stability risks to the system. Also, they will be highly interconnected with the financial system of the country, which can be a severe problem for the nation. Therefore, there is a need to control the movement of cryptocurrencies in the country and

bring about a regulation bill. Like the United Kingdom, the United States of America also faces an inflation risk. The government has already proposed an infrastructure bill in which cryptocurrency transactions and investments will be taxed. Also, people have to pay taxes on the profits they make out of cryptocurrencies.

According to the report of the bank of England, the people who were institutional investors have also made considerable investments in cryptocurrencies. Also, they hold vast amounts of cryptocurrency assets, which are of concern. As a result, their investments in the traditional financial system are lowering, leading to the degradation of the financial support system for the country’s apex bank. Also, the bank says that if there is a massive fall in the cryptocurrency valuations, the investors will be worried about everything, and they will transmit the shocks to the country’s financial system.

Regulatory uncertainties

In 2018, the jurisdictions were not much crypto-friendly. However, the conditions are opposite from that. If the price action on the cryptocurrency market occurs, it will lead to a sell-off, which is unrealistic. Even if cryptocurrencies face massive regulations from different nations, they will not completely ban their use and investment. However, this outcome may lead to the panic sale, which may take bitcoin back to a price level of $4000 as of March 2020, but this is unlikely to occur.