You Can (Sort Of) Predict The Future

It looks like Dr. Peter Venkman was on to something with his ESP research. After analyzing 26 mainstream studies conducted from 1978 through 2010, neuroscientist Julia Mossbridge believes premonitions (or presentiment) isn’t just a scam used by Miss Cleo to rip people off. In the studies, people were shown to exhibit cardiovascular and brain waves changes up to 10 seconds prior to exposure to chosen stimuli, like noises or being shown a titillating picture. In other words, they were able to sense something was about to happen. In your everyday life, you most likely experience the same type of feeling when your Spidey Sense mysteriously urges you to close out of the YouPorn window a nanosecond before your girlfriend enters the room.

Why or how this phenomenon occurs is unknown, so there’s no way to refine the skill. That said, Mossbridge doesn’t think we should toss her claim into the bullshit file because, according to her, the odds that what she found in her review being a coincidence is approximately 400 billion to one. That sold us … but you probably already knew we were about to say that.