6 Myths About Your Teeth

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ModernMan.com myths teeth Chances are you really only think about your teeth when something is wrong with them — they hurt, they look goofy, they're embedded in your lower lip after you take a nasty fall on your rollerblades. Yet you're constantly bombarded with information about your teeth from commercials, news stories, and meddlesome parents. So whether it was from a toothpaste ad or a Schoolhouse Rock song, chances are you've picked up some misinformation from the white noise of tooth info you've been bombarded with your whole life. We're setting you straight. MYTH #1: SUGAR IS THE WORST THING FOR YOUR TEETH Don't get us wrong, sugar is terrible. But highly acidic foods and drinks — like plain' ol club soda — can strip the enamel from your teeth. Combining sugary foods with acidic foods is the perfect storm of cavity-making, so it's no surprise that some of the worst things for your teeth are energy drinks. A recent study found that they can damage teeth nearly twice as much as sports drinks like Gatorade. MYTH #2: YOUR TOOTH HURTS WHEN YOU HAVE A CAVITY If you never go to the dentist, cavities will eventually cause you pain. But at first, there won't really be anything alerting you that a cavity has formed. Unfortunately, they don't away on their own — they just get worse. Once it eats through your enamel and exposes the more sensitive parts of the tooth underneath, then you'll know it's there.