7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Moonshine

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7 things you never knew about moonshine

White lightning. Hooch. Branch water. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying moonshine is making a comeback. Take a peek at your local liquor store’s whiskey aisle if you don’t believe us. And if you find yourself at some trendy bar sipping on clear whiskey with an extra kick, impress your drinking buddies with these moonshine talking points — just don’t expect anyone to remember what the hell you said in the morning.

There is no legal moonshinemoonshine. Moonshine is a generic term for any illegally distilled liquor. Most  often it refers to grain-based spirits like whiskey, or sometimes to sugar-based spirits like rum. The reason it’s clear is because it’s not given time to age in casks, because nobody knows when the fuzz might roll in with their straws, er, guns and confiscate the goods. It’s also a good idea to keep illicit goods on the move to, you know, avoid detection. The aging process allows store-bought, legal whiskeys to absorb flavor from the wood, and then lets it mellow out some. Since moonshine isn’t allowed to age, it tastes a whole lot more like pure alcohol and has a definitive kick that even big, bad Jack Daniels can’t match.