Cocktail Recipes: Wild Turkey Maple Apple Cider

Cocktail Recipes: Wild Turkey Maple Apple Cider

Normally we don’t drink apple cider because it’s loaded with sugar. However, when we’re boozing we toss conventional thinking aside. And now that we think about it, when we booze too hard for too long, we end up tossing rational thinking aside as well. Either way, do yourself a favor and find an excuse to whip this cocktail recipe for a bourbon maple apple cider using Wild Turkey this fall or wintertime. Ideal for fireside chats (which are now more likely fireside tweets or texts), the mixings mask the bourbon in a way that allows you to down the contents like you would a booze-less cider drink.


6 ounces Wild Turkey 101
4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
4-6 teaspoons pure maple syrup to taste
1 cup spiced apple cider
Apple slices for garnish

Make it:
1. Add ice to a glass and a cocktail shaker
2. Add bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, and apple cider to shaker
3. Shake it in the same manner in which you’d use a Shake Weight
4. Strain into a glass and garnish each with a slice of apple

*Photography by Erica Schultz.

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