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Quiz: Guess The Summer Blockbuster

Can you guess the summer blockbuster by its verbose or vague plot description? If so, you clearly love films about awkward teenage love, mutants, and evil spirits.


Quiz: Worst of 2013

Things weren’t all peachy this past year. See how much annoying, terrible, and heartbreaking stuff you remember with our worst-of-the-year quiz!


Quiz: Best of 2013

Turns out 2013 wasn’t the worst year in recorded history. Test yourself to see which cool or interesting things you can recall from the past 12 months.


Quiz: Guess The Goofy Action-Movie Plot

Singing thieves, karate-expert Cajun sailors, and heroic truck drivers fighting sorcerers in sewers — if any of that sounds familiar, you’ll nail this quiz.


2013 Oscars Quiz

The bad news: This isn’t an Oscars drinking game. The good news: You don’t have to sit through the Oscars to take this quiz. (But you can still drink.)


Quiz: Joe Biden’s Goofiest Moments

Is this quiz just an excuse to run lots of funny Joe Biden photos? Maybe. But you’ll also learn a few things about America’s goofiest Vice President.


Quiz: The Best of 2012

Believe it or not, some not-too-terribly-awful stuff happened in 2012. Test yourself to see how much of it you remember.


Quiz: The Worst of 2012

This year has had plenty of memorable moments — not all of them good. See what you remember about the crappiest parts of 2012!