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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Finding the best men’s sunglasses means choosing a pair of shades that fits well with your face shape.

By Kristen Giordani

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

Ever wonder exactly why it is that some sunglasses look good on you, and others make you look like a total goofball? Generally, it has little to do with how much you spend on the glasses — price is more of a factor in determining durability and quality of eye protection. How a pair on sunglasses looks on your face mostly has to do with, well, your face.

It’s angular with a strong jaw line, broad forehead, and square chin, like Brad Pitt’s. And no, having a square face does not mean you can now tell people you look like Brad Pitt.

Your Style: Anything with oval or round frames. They’ll accent a strong jaw line, whereas square or geometric frames would make you look like your face is just a bunch of sharp angles.

First pick: Ray-Ban Wayfarers ($120 @ Amazon.com)

dragon sunglassesBackup: Dragon Frame Sunglasses ($69 @ Amazon.com)

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