10 Magazine Cover Fails That Should Be Forever Celebrated

bad mag cover 2

Admit it. The only reason you think this magazine cover is awful is because you’re jealous of the kid. Sicko! He’s just trying to eat.  Have you no compassion? Still, Time‘s cover in May 2012  was an attempt to capitalize on the “mom’s breastfeeding in public issue.” Some people — like orange-hued turd pile Donald Trump — think the concept is offensive and gross. Other people are too busy staring at their smartphones to give a shit. But other covers

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While it’s not uncommon for magazine covers to attempt to be provocative, not all of them are as hit-or-miss as this one. Most of the time, especially when some designer screws up with Photoshop or someone is airbrushed into a rail-thin pencil, it’s just a miss. Here, we’ll show you …