2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Your Home

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: LivingSamsung Stainless Steel Refrigerator with LCD Touch Screen and Apps ($2,300)
French doors, tempered glass spill-proof shelves, water filtration, a twin-cooling system, 28 cubic feet of space, and a two-minute door alarm that sounds when some jerk who cares little about wasting energy leaves the door ajar: That’s all cool, but it’s not what makes this stainless-steel fridge unique. It’s the world’s first refrigerator with a Wi-Fi-enabled LCD touchscreen installed on the door panel. You can access apps like Pandora, Epicurious, Google Calendar, AP News, Twitter, and Weatherbug, and you can create photo galleries and leave memos to let other people in the house know that the Nutter Butters are yours, dammit.