2 Things You Don’t Need For Your Home (But They’re Cool To Own)


invisiplug 6-plug outlet#1. Invisiplug ($16 @ Amazon.com)

Tired of that white surge protector ruining your carefully selected home decor spread? We didn’t think so. Still, the Invisiplug is pretty cool. It’s a six-plug outlet that blends in with hardwood floors. Options include: medium cherry, dark oak, or light natural. Expect a few more stubbed toes, but the plug blending into the floor makes it worthwhile.

wall scrabble#2. Magnetic Wall Scrabble ($30 @ Amazon.com)

This unit fixes to your wall and allows you to play Scrabble, leave messages via dry-erase markers, and keep score. The dimensions are: 18″ (L) x .88″ (D) x 14.63″ (H).