3 Gifts Ideas for the Bride-to-be


December is the most popular time of the year to pop the question. This means many of us will have at least one friend, family member or acquaintance getting engaged this holiday season. Plus, it’s also a real possibility that you might be looking for some gift ideas to help congratulate the new bride-to-be.

Whether the couple has created a gift registry, items like home appliances or new sheets are best left for the bridal shower or as wedding gifts. But if you’re looking for a special gift to say congratulations or remind the bride about how much you care about her, you’ll want to choose something a bit more sentimental. 

Here are three gift ideas for the bride-to-be.

1. Something for the Wedding Day

If you’re the groom looking for a gift for your soon-to-be wife, or perhaps a parent, sibling or close friend, one great gift idea is something that will help make the big day a bit more special. For instance, you may want to consider gifting the bride a:

  • Soft silk robe to wear while she’s getting dressed
  • Comfortable set of pajamas to wear the night before her wedding
  • Personalized makeup bag to keep her organized as she gets ready 

Not only will sentimental gifts like these make the wedding day go a bit more smoothly, but they’ll also remind the bride of your love for her as she uses them to get dressed and ready or to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Something for the Wedding Night

This is one gift idea that can go several ways, all depending on who gives it. Given by the groom, a saucy gift for the wedding night in the form of bridal lingerie is the perfect way to show her how sexy is. But from a friend or sister, sexy lingerie can be a fun way to get a few laughs and maybe even cause the bride to blush at her bachelorette party.

3. Something for the Honeymoon

There’s nothing wrong with giving the bride gifts for her new home. But the practice of giving household goods like dishes, sheets and pillows comes from a time when many couples got married and moved directly from their parent’s home to their married home.

Today, women, on average, get married at age 27, while men typically tie the knot at age 29. At these ages, most adults have already lived on their own or with their significant other for several years. This also means they likely have most of the typical household items you tend to see on wedding gift registries.

Of course, you could buy them something new, something they don’t already own or something new and amazing for their honeymoon. If they already have a trip planned, look for tours, meals or other activities that could make their trip even more special. Gift cards for hotel stays or airlines are also a good choice if the bride and groom don’t yet have a trip planned.

Choosing the Perfect Gifts for Your Bride-to-be

If someone in your life got engaged this year, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gift to congratulate the couple. Soon after the engagement comes bridal showers, bachelorette parties and, of course, the wedding, which means even more gifts. Use this guide to help you shop for the perfect options for the bride in your life. Another option is to purchase wedding gift baskets!