7 Books that will Benefit Every Man

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If you are looking for a list of the best books on reality, here is an essential list provided. Whether you are preparing for essays and need inspiration or ideas that can help, there are cheap and informative sources to look up online. Many forums would please anyone who needs professional assistance on hire for writing essays or to know that this book is for you. 

Here is an informative guide on world books online now that can help any man gain a fresh perspective on different topics and life in general. 

Seven Books to Gain a Fresh Perspective 

When it comes to finding food for thought, whether it is an essay for someone or about a certain topic, it helps to gain a fresh perspective, even if it is an everyday topic. Here are some suggestions that one can find through cheap sources online but provide rich thoughts and revelations of men who have discovered or had revelations through their research and findings of different life philosophies.

  1. The Singularity is Near

This is about how humans transcend biology. Among the world books online, this particular one by Ray Kurzweil talks about how the advancement of technology and the processing power of computing units. As per his predictions and study of trends, his book upholds the fantastic notion that 2046 would see the culmination of all human brains encrypted digitally and uploaded on the cloud. It would then form an immortal consciousness as a single powerhouse of knowledge and computing and will help to control the computing powers across the world. 

  • Civilization and its Discontents 

This book by the famous Sigmund Freud would be a good source to look up if you are looking or pay for content or inspiration to do my essay on similar topics. Freud, besides being the inventor of psychoanalysis, bringing psychology as mainstream science and known in the intellectual circles, wrote this book after he witnessed the devastation that resulted from World War I. He led a secluded life in the twenties and a result of his reflections was this book. 

  • Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder

This book by Taleb is about some amazing ideas he had, which were life-changing and it definitely makes it one of the best books on reality. Here he follows groups of academics, politicians, Wall Street analysts, Nobel Prize recipients, and others and talks about certain conclusions he arrives at regarding the actions of civilized men.

  • Stumbling on Happiness

This book by Daniel Gilbert showcases a unique perspective on happiness and the human mind. He states here that people are not clear about what makes them happy and that keeps changing every moment. Being a psychologist from Harvard, he showcases different experiments on the biased and flawed nature of the human mind. He shows that humans often inaccurately judge or have conceptions about their happiness. It has much to do with how things are looked at and how we need to find happiness at the moment since our future selves are like children whose happiness would have a different definition, which we cannot define right now or work accordingly in the now. If one is looking for online sources on a related topic, this particular book is a help that is easily found and cheap at different forums. 

  • War of Art

This book by Steven Pressfield is a much-recommended read by many as it deals with the topic of winning through blockages and inner battles to unleash the creative side of one. The author is internationally acclaimed and has written other well-known books like Tides of War, Gates of Fire and Last of the Amazons. This book is for you if you are one of those who wish to be express creativity but are struggling through inner blocks. He talks about overcoming such resistances and unique ways to overcome such blocks.