4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Career in Employment Law

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Every year, millions of people go to college to become a lawyer, but just like going into medical school, there are many specialty areas you can focus your education and future career on. Employment law is one area that you might consider since it’s a specialty that deals with the relationship between both the employer and employee. There are many reasons to consider a career in employment law whether you’re just starting out as a lawyer or have many years of experience under your belt.

What Makes A Career in Employment Law Such a Great Choice?

The Laws Constantly Evolve & Change– A lot of people want to have a career that isn’t boring and repetitive in terms of the daily work involved. Any employment law attorney would tell you that one of the best benefits of this career is that the laws constantly are evolving and changing as our society and views change. States like California are continuously updating their employee rights such as updated employment laws for COVID and laws to ensure that both the employer and employee are protected and granted certain rights.

Working in the employment law field, you will have numerous opportunities to expand your career, knowledge, and education. You’ll have to keep abreast of the latest rulings that impact you both on a state level and federal level. Routinely the Supreme Court takes up workplace cases that could have an impact on employment law across the country. It’s never boring in this career field since laws change as we change and adapt.

If you’re working employment law on an international level it’s even more complex since countries all have their own laws and it’s important to know the laws in each country for the case that you’re representing. While the laws changing can be a challenging aspect, for many it’s one of the greatest benefits since it’s refreshing to see positive changes happen around you.

Each Case is Unique & Personal- The personal nature of each case is one of the main reasons people choose to become an employment law attorney. Being a regular criminal lawyer or civil lawyer can be monotonous and boring, usually with excruciating details about money and finances that most find utterly dreadful. With a career in employment law, you are focused on real people with real emotions and unique situations.

You’re not dealing with the boring side of humans but instead are helping someone with a deeply personal problem and they come to you in hopes that you can rectify the situation. You will often be looking into office memos, emails, personnel files, and possibly yearly performance evaluations. Every once in a while there might even be a psychiatric evaluation and report that you’ll have to read. There is an intimacy with this job that you don’t experience as a regular everyday attorney. Facts in the story you’re being told will change as you dig up new information, and you might have to confront some lies in order to find the real truth. The story behind why the person is sitting in front of you can be emotional and can build real bonds with those you’re helping.

You’ll Learn Spicy Details of Companies- Becoming an employment attorney also offers you a chance to get to learn some of the most spicy, and at times, horrible practices going on at some of the most well-known businesses around. If someone is suing a big name corporation, it’s possible you’re going to uncover years of sexual harassment that’s been going on. Maybe it’s more about who is hooking up with who or what some of the shady business tactics are at that particular companies.

It’s not always about the spicy or sexy stuff, some people just enjoy learning about the business itself that they are tasked to look into. You’ll learn history about the company and how the business operates on a day-to-day scale, and some people find that to be really fun. It’s a great way to learn about both big and small businesses and can make you appreciate what these companies have contributed to society.

You’re Making a Positive Impact & Looking for Justice- You’ll be making a very positive impact on those clients that you’re serving. You gain their trust and then that allows them to open up to you about the wrongs that they hope you can right. A client might be feeling depressed about a situation and coming to you to finally talk about it could be what triggers them to seek proper help.

Justice comes in many forms and could be something as simple as getting a business to add a safety procedure to keep other people safe from a work-related hazard. You may win a lot of money for your client in some cases, but it’s less about the money and more about finding justice and righting the wrong. In situations where sexual harassment is an issue, justice could be the perpetrator being criminally charged and held liable for their acts. The uniqueness of justice in this particular field is what makes it so rewarding because it can happen in many forms.