4 tips to improving your sex life after marriage

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After marriage, the level of romance and roleplay might falter due to added responsibilities and chores you have together. Moreover, it’s a new life which needs attention. 

Whether you’re a long-term couple or two people who love each other irrespective of relationship length, marriage is a whole new world. And while adapting to this new lifestyle, you might accidentally skip out on intimacy with your partner. 

So how to bring back those wild flames and relish carnal escapades with your lover, all while juggling this new married life? So today, we have X tips for improving your sex life and making your spouse thirst for you daily. 

#1. Be Playfully Flirtatious

Who says chores are not fun and sexy? When doing housework together, add a bit of kinky flair to your affairs. Let’s say you both are changing the curtains of your room. 

Take this boring time and play around with your lover, wrapping them in the fabric, tickling them, and having a jolly good time doing chores. Flirting around while housework enriches the bond, making you both feel warm and loved in a new place, building a new life together. 

Flirting with your married partner is fun and mostly encouraged by couples’ therapists, as it brings back that young-adult zest of life. These little pranks and fun times with your spouse that involves touching, tickling, playfully biting, or picking them up, are a breath of fresh air in this new life of responsibilities. 

Moreover, these emotions ignite that spark you have always had and just make them more high-spirited in your sex life. Send these signals throughout the day and watch your lover 

#2. Workout Together

Working out is essential for your body and system, as well as for your mental health. And if you’re married, try scheduling a time of the day when both of you can work out together. 

These include going for walks or jogging daily, doing yoga together, or even going for swim classes a few days a week together. While these activities take care of your bodies and health, they also build up a bond of good habits between you two. 

Watching each other stick to health goals, loving your body, and toning up is a turn-on, especially when you watch your spouse sweat and work hard alongside you during these times. 

To make things more fun, you can also play some VR dancing simulator games where you both dance, jump, and sway together to the beat and enjoy each other’s bodies moving to the rhythm against each other. 

#3 Make a Schedule for Private Time

A happy relationship thrives when you make time for each other. These involve romantic dates, little weekend gateways, and even surprising each other with something sexy and fun for the bedroom. 

These activities are stress-busters for both, which helps to remove the no. 1 enemy of carnal relish. Being close to each other after a day or week of hard work and tension helps ease you both up and open up to each other mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

And for this, it is crucial to schedule some time for intimacy with each other. Take this time to warm up to each other and feel each other’s passions running hot. The best part, while sex and intimacy are best enjoyed spontaneously, something is exciting about knowing you both will have time to run to each other and enjoy each other’s passions after a long and hard day. 

#4. Toys, Fun, and Foreplay

Foreplay is essential for passionate and ardent lovemaking. So instead of going straight for sex, try playing around with a few kinky factors to up your game. 

If your spouse is into adult toys, check out the different sex toys available for you. This help enhance foreplay like never before and can even be added for some naughty fun in your daily lives together. 

For example, when your spouse is cooking something, ask if they’d like a remote control adult toy, which you play with to make them squirm in pleasure from afar. Additionally, when slowly getting in the mood, ask your partner if they’re into watching something dirty on screen. 

Not only do these adult films give ideas, but they set the tone and mood of being naughty and scintillating with your lover. These might not look like much of an effort, but being playful, flirtatious, and adventurous brings back that zeal and fire in a bond that ignited the love in the first place. 


All in all, these are the 4 best tips to bring back that fire and lust you both always had in your now-married life. Be naughty, and creative, and find adventurous ways to turn each other on. 

Being your spouse’s support system, their rockstar, and their crush even after marriage makes you the apple of their eye and makes your sex life more fiery!