A Helpful Guide To Travelling with Sex Toys


Let’s be honest, we’re all adults here, so when spending time solo, sex toys are entertaining and it would be lovely not to leave these behind when we travel. However, there are a lot of horrifying tales about sex toys, and nobody wants to be humiliated while trying to be seated in business class on a Tuesday morning.

TSA guidelines for traveling with sex objects

As a result of the passenger’s possession of a sex toy, TSA agents have in a number of instances subjected them to needless humiliation and disgrace. A TSA screener has at least once been fired for putting an offensive note in a checked luggage that included a sex toy.

An item or tool that is primarily intended to promote or aid sexual pleasure is known as a sex toy. Sex toys can be created from a range of materials, such as glass, wood, vinyl, silicone, or latex, and include items like dildos and vibrators. Many sex toys do not resemble the male or female real genitalia, yet others do.

Some helpful tips herein can prevent your sexual preferences from becoming an airport spectacle.

Keep them off the power

Although it appears obvious, it is the thing that is most often forgotten. If the item in question has replaceable batteries, remove them and put in new ones when you get there. To prevent it from turning on, you may also insert a tiny piece of rubber between the power supply and the connection.

Try leaving your toy on until the power source is completely depleted if it doesn’t have replaceable batteries. As soon as you return to your very own private room, you may always recharge it. You may conceal the toys within a protective object if none of these seem reasonable; individuals have had success using boots, bubble wrap, and toilet paper tubes.

Keep them secure

It would be nice to have it secured so a stranger’s hands weren’t everywhere on your toy in case a TSA official has to investigate your item more closely.  Place it in a transparent plastic bag that won’t obstruct the agent’s scrutiny. The bag will prevent you from acquiring an awful case of athlete’s vagina if you store the plaything inside a boot.

Keep the heavy weapons at home.

Flying with sex toys is not against the law, according to the TSA, and they are allowed as carry on luggage. They must, however, adhere to the restriction that any “tools” taken on flights must be no longer than 7 inches.

Anything longer than 7 inches should be left at home or shipped to oneself if you can’t live without it. The absolute last thing that you want is for your metal dildo to be mistaken for a club. This is the time for your secret vibrators; those travel friendly, smaller, and plastic devices that aren’t going to trigger alarms.

If you are searched, tell the truth.

If you think it ought to be more covert, you can request that the TSA inspect your suitcase in private. However, if they ask you what your magic wand is while holding it in their hand, you’re better off being honest. More gadgets than you may anticipate are seen by them, so don’t panic.

Make sure the place you’re going is toy-friendly.

Sex toys are still prohibited in a number of foreign jurisdictions, including Saudi Arabia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Surprisingly, Alabama has a prohibition on them as well. Before you pack, spend a little while researching your trip on Google.


Think about checking your bag if you’re carrying a lot of toys.

Although the TSA has accepted handcuffs, ties, and even certain whips for carry-on, if you’re going to feel anxious or humiliated, think about checking your luggage. Continue to pack your things in plastic bags, as previously advised, and place them where the security personnel can readily get them without them having to rummage through the entire suitcase.

Watch out for hotel soaps used for cleaning

Oil is an easy method to destroy a silicon toy because hotel and motel soaps frequently contain some sort of moisturizer. Pack a small container of dependable soap to protect your investment.

Considerations for travel toys upgrades

In order to prevent any disruptive buzzing in the perimeter of the line, several businesses have begun marketing vibrating sexual products with travel locks. If possible, buy those.


Purchase a toy featuring a USB port.

If you frequently travel abroad, you are aware that plugs along with voltages vary depending on the nation you are in. Your toy has a USB connector that makes charging it with a laptop straightforward and enjoyable. Click here to read more on USB ports.

Think about toys with app support.

App-activated toys may be a fun way to maintain the spark between you and your spouse when you are apart if you frequently travel away from them for sexual purposes. But reserve it for until you’ve landed because wearing it through security will undoubtedly cause alarms.

What regulations or legislation apply to using sex toys while flying?

Depending on where you go, different countries have different sex toy travel laws, guidelines, and regulations. Generally speaking, you should abide by all applicable rules and regulations when traveling within a nation.

The regulations of the countries you are planning to travel to, the countries you are heading to, and any countries you may pass through on your journey to your destination must all be taken into account when you cross international borders.

The only restrictions that matter in the US when it comes to traveling on airplanes or passing through TSA security are the standard restrictions on dangerous or prohibited items. There are actually no federal laws that prohibit ownership of sex toys (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_toy), notwithstanding the possibility of municipal or state regulations.

Advice for transporting sex toys

You may take a few reasonable precautions to safeguard your sexual goods and lessen the possibility of being searched by the TSA will make you uncomfortable or cause you to wait too long:

  • When a Transportation Security Administration screener asks anyone what is inside your luggage, tell them the truth.
  • Remove the batteries from any battery-operated items in your luggage that aren’t going to be used during the travel.
  • Sort your products into distinct, transparent plastic bags. Items should be kept in Ziploc-style containers to prevent contamination during processing by TSA screeners.
  • Pack no prohibited items: The majority of sharp objects and products that are liquid or gel-filled are normally prohibited from carry-on luggage, although they are permitted in checked bags.