5 Signs of True Love from a Man

Have you ever wondered how to tell the difference between true love and infatuation? It can be difficult to discern which is which, especially if you are in the early stages of your relationship. Luckily, there are some signs that indicate a man is truly in love with you. Here are five sure-fire signs of true love from a man.

1. He Wants You to Meet His Friends and Family – Meeting his friends and family is one of the clearest indicators that he’s serious about your relationship. If he’s proud enough to introduce you to the important people in his life, then it’s safe to say that he cares deeply about you and sees potential for your relationship.

2. He Gives Unconditional Support – A man who loves you will be there for you no matter what—even if it means sacrificing his own time or plans. He will offer emotional support when things get tough, give advice on tough decisions, and encourage you along the way.

3. He Puts Your Needs Before His Own – A man who truly loves you will put your needs before his own; he won’t just think about himself but will consider what is best for both of you as a couple. This includes making compromises, such as spending time apart so that each of you can pursue individual interests or hobbies; attending events or functions together despite not wanting to go; compromising on finances; or even moving across the country together if one job opportunity were too good to pass up.

4. He Makes Time For You – Another sure-fire sign of true love from a man is that he makes time for you no matter how busy he may be at work or with other activities or commitments. Whether it’s taking time off work just to visit with you or planning weekend getaways, if your guy makes an effort to make time for the two of you, then it goes without saying that he loves spending time with you and values your relationship above all else.

5. He Is Open About His Feelings – Men don’t always express their feelings openly, but when they do, it usually means they have strong feelings for someone —in this case, for YOU! If your guy isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and feelings with you—no matter how deep they may be—then this is definitely a sign that he loves (and trusts)you enough to tell him everything without fear of judgment or criticism from either party.


True love comes in many shapes and forms; however, these five signs are reliable indicators that your guy really does care about you deeply and sincerely wants what’s best for both of you as a couple now and in the future! Recognizing these signs can help women identify whether their relationships are based on genuine affection or something less substantial such as mere infatuation or lustful attraction alone! So pay close attention to these key indicators –they could be telling signs that your guy truly loves YOU!