The Signs of Infatuation: How to Tell if You’re Really in Love

Have you ever met someone and felt an irresistible connection? Did the mere thought of them put a smile on your face? If so, you may be feeling the early signs of infatuation.

Infatuation is a strong emotion that can take over our thoughts and feelings, but it’s not true love. It’s important to recognize the difference between true love and infatuation so that we don’t confuse one for the other. Let’s learn about the signs of infatuation so that you can make sure you are truly in love.

Intense Attraction

One way to tell if what you are feeling is infatuation is by how intense the attraction is. Infatuation often comes with a strong physical attraction and admiration for another person. It can feel like an obsession because all you can think about is being with this person and wanting to get close to them as soon as possible. While this intensity can be exciting at first, it may start to become overwhelming after a while because it doesn’t last forever.

Unrealistic Expectations

Another sign of infatuation is having unrealistic expectations of your partner or relationship. When we are infatuated with someone, we tend to idealize them and project our own fantasies onto them instead of getting to know who they really are as a person. This can lead us to be disappointed when these expectations aren’t met, which can cause problems down the line in a relationship.

Lack of Communication

When we are infatuated with someone, we tend to be less open with our communication than when we are truly in love with someone. We may avoid talking about difficult topics out of fear that it will ruin the intense emotions that come from being around this person or we might just forget about reality altogether and focus only on surface-level conversations for fear of ruining any potential connection between us two people.

This lack of communication makes it hard for both partners to build trust or truly get to know each other on a deeper level, making it more likely that you will end up in an unhealthy relationship based solely on chemistry rather than compatibility or true love.

Desire To Be Around Them Constantly

If your thoughts keep returning to a certain person, and all you want to do is be around them as much as possible, chances are high that what you’re feeling for them may be more than just a passing fancy. This kind of intense desire for closeness and connection can be an indication that what you’re feeling is more than mere friendship or admiration; it could be something deeper—like infatuation!

Obsessive Thinking

Another surefire sign of infatuation is obsessive thinking—thinking about someone constantly throughout the day, dreaming about them at night, and spending hours talking about them with your friends or family (or both!). If this sounds familiar to you, then there’s a good chance that what you’re experiencing might be more than just friendship; it could easily be infatuation. 

Conclusion: Infatuation can feel like true love at first, but it usually fades away after time has passed whereas true love tends to grow stronger over time. Recognizing the signs of infatuation is key so that you don’t confuse one for the other and find yourself stuck in an unhealthy relationship based solely on chemistry rather than compatibility or real love. Knowing what these signs look like will help you identify if what you’re feeling is real or just an intense emotion that won’t last forever – allowing you to make sure your next relationship is built on trust and understanding rather than just lust!