5 Style & Skincare Hacks To Elevate Your Grooming Routine

When it comes to looking and feeling good in your own skin, nothing beats maintaining a superb and tailored grooming routine. This means making time for yourself every day to care for your skin, hair, and body.

Yes, skincare for men is a topic that seems to be rarely covered in the media today, but men can get blemishes too. Thankfully, with the right grooming practices in your weekly wellness routine, you can improve the health and appearance of your skin as well as boost your personal style, and nurture your self-confidence.

So where should you start when building your own personal grooming routine? We’ll be answering just this question today by sharing our top 5 style and skincare hacks that’ll be sure to enhance your grooming routine.


1. Use Beard Oil

Looking to grow out your facial hair? Whilst beards can come with some aesthetic benefits, it takes a certain amount of upkeep to ensure that your facial hair stays in good health. And part of this upkeep is using beard oil every day.

On top of addressing common issues like itchiness and brittle hair, beard oil is also designed to nourish your facial hair, providing it with all the oils and nutrients it needs to maintain its volume and stay silky soft rather than scratchy and uncomfortable. As a result, using beard oil daily can also have superb impacts on your skin, as it reduces the risks of redness and irritation caused by dry and scratchy beards.

Using your beard oil daily is as easy as running it through your facial hair with your fingers or using a beard brush. Just a few drops are all you need to ensure that your beard maintains a lustrous and lush appearance day in and day-out.

Rest assured that with consistent use, you’ll find your beard not only feeling softer but also appearing healthier, stronger, and less prone to brittleness. And the best part? This transformation isn’t a waiting game. While you’ll immediately relish the enhanced softness, delightful fragrance, and noticeable sheen, a few days of dedicated use will address deeper issues like split ends or dry skin beneath the beard.

2. Stay Hydrated & Well-Rested

There are many different ways to keep your skin and hair (including your facial hair) in good shape. But one of the best grooming tips you’ll hear from us time and time again is to simply stay hydrated. And we don’t just mean drinking your daily recommended intake of water here.

Keeping your skin and hair well-hydrated also requires using moisturizer every day. Be sure to integrate moisturizing your skin and hair into your daily grooming routine, just to ensure that you can reduce your risks of experiencing dry skin and the irritation that accompanies it.

Of course, you can further increase your chances of staying well-hydrated by establishing strong daily routines. This includes getting a good night’s sleep – both to maintain your body’s energy levels as well as to improve your chances of staying well-hydrated. Adequate rest can help your body manage its hormonal balances, allowing you to retain your hydration levels and keep your skin, hair, and brain in good health.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Alongside moisturizing daily, it’s also imperative that you stay on top of your dead skin management routine. This means exfoliating regularly, and using products that are suitable for your skin.

Truth be told, exfoliating is likely to be one of the more luxurious or satisfying parts of your weekly grooming routine. In essence, this practice is kind of like a mini spa session, as it’s about so much more than just removing dead skin cells. It’s also about rejuvenating your skin, unclogging pores, and boosting the positive effects of your skincare products.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, exfoliation leaves your skin looking brighter, helps prevent clogged pores, and can even increase your body’s capacity for collagen production! Exfoliate your skin 3 times per week to help give yourself that glowing, post-spa glow every day.

4. Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Did you know that sun damage can lead to premature aging, dark spots, and even skin cancer? With that, it’s imperative that you take measures to protect your skin from harsh sun exposure – just to help you stay healthy and ensure that your skin maintains its youthful appearance and general elasticity.

Thankfully, caring for your skin and keeping it protected during harsh summer weather is easier than you may think. Simply apply sunscreen before heading out. And remember to apply sunscreen on cloudy days as well, as UV rays can still find their way through cloud cover.

5. Dress to Impress

Last but certainly not least, your clothes are an extension of your personality. Beyond fleeting fashion trends, cultivating a strong personal style is about understanding your body and choosing outfits that accentuate your appearance.

A well-fitted outfit can do wonders in boosting your confidence. Moreover, understanding color palettes that compliment your skin tone can elevate your style game, ensuring you always leave a memorable impression.

For instance, wearing blue can evoke feelings of calmness and trustworthiness, while red can signal passion and energy. On the other hand, neutral tones like beige or grey can portray sophistication and versatility. By being mindful of these color choices, you can influence not only how you feel but also how others perceive you.

Dressing goes much further than just the initial purchase. Maintaining the quality and appearance of your clothes is as essential as your clothing choice itself! Here are some tips to ensure your wardrobe stays in top-notch condition:

Washing: Always check the care label. Some clothes prefer a cold wash, while others might need a warmer touch. And remember, delicate items often fare better with hand washing.

Drying: While tumble dryers are convenient, they can be harsh on certain fabrics. Whenever possible, air dry your clothes. This not only preserves the fabric but also retains the color vibrancy.

Storing: Invest in good-quality hangers and avoid overstuffing your wardrobe. Giving your clothes some breathing space can prevent wrinkles and maintain their shape. For items like sweaters, it’s often better to fold them rather than hang them to avoid stretching.

By understanding the impact of colors and taking care of your attire, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression every time you go out!


Grooming is an essential aspect of self-care, encompassing everything from skincare to sartorial choices. By embracing our tips and tricks, you’ll not only elevate your appearance but also improve your overall bodily health for years to come!