7 Tips to Speed Up Your Chemical Peel Recovery


After you get a chemical peel, you want to recover your skin at the earliest possible. The sooner your skin recovers, the quicker you can enjoy the benefits of the peel, which includes smoother and younger-looking skin. Fortunately, you can do things to speed your chemical peel recovery and smoothen the healing process.

1. Keep Skin Hydrated

Make sure to drink enough water and apply moisturizer to your skin to keep it hydrated. Since a chemical peel can be strong, it may pull moisturizer from the deep layers of your skin. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and use hydrating moisturizers at least twice a day. However, please don’t go overboard with the moisturizer because your skin needs to peel to work its magic. Over moisturizing can get in the way of the peel, which you want to avoid.

2. Stay Away from The Sun

Your skin will be sensitive after a chemical peel, so it is best to stay away from the sun to avoid damage and permanent scarring. However, if that’s not possible, make sure to use a generous amount of broad-spectrum sunscreen every time you go out and try to wear hats or stay in the shade whenever possible.

The skin is extremely vulnerable after a chemical peel, and the ultraviolet (UV) rays can be very tough on the skin. Consult your doctor to determine how long you need to avoid the sun and when it is safe to go back without affecting your skin.


3. Avoid the Temptation to Pick Your Skin

Treated areas take approximately seven to 14 days after a medium peel to heal, and a deep peel can take longer. During that time, when you notice your skin peeling, you may feel the urge to pick at it, but you have to resist that temptation. Picking at your skin or pulling it out can lead to scarring and may further irritate your skin. Give your skin some time and let it naturally peel off on its own, as picking can also disrupt your skin’s natural healing process.

4. Take a Break from Makeup

You might be able to use makeup within a day after a superficial peel, but it is best to avoid makeup for a while after a medium or deep peel. Applying makeup too soon after the peel can irritate your skin and slow down your recovery. The chemicals in makeup may also pose risks of infection to the treated areas.

Try to stay away from makeup until your skin completely heals when you start using makeup again, clean or replace all of your old makeup brushes or sponges to avoid contamination from bacteria.


5. Apply Restorative Ointments

After your skin goes through a chemical peel, it is very fragile, so that it may need extra care. Talk to your doctor and ask if they recommend using a skim balm or ointment to keep the skin moist while it heals. They may suggest a specific treatment containing vitamin E or other ingredients to help your skin heal more effectively.

Chemical peels bring many benefits, so it’s natural to be excited to heal from the process and enjoy your new skin. Follow the tips above for a speedy recovery!

6. Use Ice Packs

Applying cool compresses to the treated area can help reduce redness, swelling, and itching associated with a chemical peel recovery. Take short breaks throughout the day and apply ice packs for 10 minutes at a time in order to minimize discomfort while still allowing your skin some time to heal properly.

7. Relax

Stress can have an adverse effect on your recovery so it’s important to take some time out for yourself in order to relax both mentally and physically after a chemical peel treatment . Take warm baths or listen to calming music in order to promote healing of both body and mind during this period of post-procedure care.

Conclusion: Taking the right steps during recovery will ensure you get maximum benefits from your chemical peel treatment . Follow these tips for quick healing following your chemical peel procedure so that you’ll be able look back on this experience positively without worrying about side effects or complications . With proper care , you’ll be able enjoy all that comes with having beautiful , healthy skin all year round!