6 Fantastic Indoor Rowing Workout

Rowing is fantastic. It is the perfect exercise you can now do even indoors. Read to find out more!


Rowing is a truly outstanding, generally complete, full-body exercise that an individual can do. Anyone can get into rowing, you do not need to have a particular body shape, you just need to have a strong will for that. A strong will and determination are the key factors to an effective workout routine. Now, this does not necessarily mean outdoor rowing. That requires a paddling shell (a long, thin boat), paddles, a water body, and good weather conditions, among numerous factors. There are places for that. But that will require time to go out and other stuff. But what if you can get an all-body workout without having to go to the river or the gym? You absolutely can with CrossFit rowing machines. These machines allow you to get in shape from the comfort of your home. Rowing can improve endurance, wellness, and strength, as well as making the heart strong. It can likewise improve your immune system, mind, and even give a quiet, reflective impact on the psyche because of its redundant, low-impact movement and sounds. Moreover, it improves muscle strength endurance, people with bad hips and knees also can do it, making rowing an all-inclusive activity.

You may end up with a couple of blisters on your hands, however, a genuine rower appreciates a little inconvenience. Your arms, legs, and center will thank you for the exercise and will be asking for another round. Here are 6 rowing workouts to get started with your rowing machine.

Rowing Workout 1-Hiit Sprints

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) consumes a ton of calories in a short time and keeps your metabolic rate higher for more, even after you’ve got done with working out. Regardless of whether you need to lose fat, acquire muscle, or both, HIIT is the ideal choice. This sort of activity will likewise lessen your pulse and circulatory strain.

Utilizing HIIT preparing implies that you can reduce the time you’re spending on your exercises without bargaining results. This is so significant for your inspiration and implies that you don’t have the burden of fitting in long exercises or practicing for quite a long time. In case you’re short on time or in a hurry, these focused energy stretches will give you a fast sweat. Improve your solidarity and unstable force in only 20 minutes (excluding warm-up or chill off). You’ll consume approximately 300 calories altogether. Keep your stroke rate somewhere in the range of 26 and 32 and consistently be in charge of your leg’s quick movement.

Rowing Workout 2-Tabata Sprint

Tabata sprint is another great workout you can do for great cardio. First, a warm-up for 10 minutes. After that, you start the Tabata sprint-row one set of Tabata high intensity stretches: 8 x (20 seconds max effort, exchanging with 10 seconds easy rowing).

Cool down for 5 minutes after the exercise. (If you have additional time, enjoy a brief rest, and do a subsequent set).

Rowing Workout 3- Lean Leapfrog

While most rowing exercises are vigorous, this one is anaerobic. Like a weightlifting meet, you’ll apply your muscles enough to create lactate, which leaves you with that satisfying burning feeling of a good workout. Eventually, anaerobic rowing will help you increase your power-output and perseverance since it compels you to take advantage of your leg’s strength. While considering your stroke rate, attempt to keep up or increment your meters paddled during each “on” minute. This difficult column is 40 minutes and will consume about 700 calories.

Rowing Workout 4- The Pilates on Reformers

Among the rowing machines, reformers are one of them. With reformers, you can add Pilates into your indoor workout. Different types of rowing are amazing Pilates and good for your fitness. Here’s an interesting one called Hug. For this, you would need to pull your arms overhead, open your arms into the Hug position keeping your back straight. Pull your stomach in to move the carriage. Sit up overly tall and slowly reach the arms open. The handles ought to be vertical. Notice your pinky finger doesn’t come close to the handle for touch. Demand that it does! And then repeat.

Rowing Workout 5- Aerobic Interval Workout

Start by working out for 5 minutes. Set the Performance Monitor for intervals with a work time of 4 minutes and a rest time of 2 minutes. Row the first 4 minutes at a rigorous speed without any rest. Increase your effort after each set, with the goal that you have completely “exhausted the tanks” before the finish of the fourth one. You aim to get burning arms and legs. The higher the burn, the more calories you will lose. Do not forget to cool down for 5 minutes after the exercise.

Rowing Workout 6- Recovery PowerUps

Begin rowing easily yet effectively, contemplating a greater method than anything else. Get off the erg and stretch briefly. Start rowing once more while contemplating the procedure. Consistently you have to ease down after taking 10 strokes with a greater force.  After feeling better, you can go harder on the 10 stroke pieces; if not, keep them moderate, proceed with power tens for around 20 minutes. Then you are good for the day.


While it is a ton of fun paddling in the water, you do not have to join a boat club just to get exercise and health benefits. Rowing machines at home provide great workouts, and they are admittedly more convenient any time of the day or season of the year. It is all about starting and then gradually building up. Hope you stay motivated for your upcoming workout journey and that these 6 simple rowing exercises work for you!