6 Things That Could Replace Your Password


6. YOUR ED-209
The password will be around for year, not months. But in that time, expect more modifications and enhancements to pop up on potential replacements. In other words, there’s no guarantee that the options we listed will last in their current state. What’s more likely is that a combo of biometrics and security features will surface that’ll enable you to easily change things up when you’re hacked.

What will that look like? According to Wisniewksy, probably a lot like a password. “The people in the security industry agree that there needs to be something that you know like a password or PIN code, as well as something physical,” he says. “Something that’ll make it extremely difficult to impersonate you.”

In the meantime, if you use one of these passwords — the most popular of 2012 — do yourself a favor and switch it up:

1. Password1
2. welcome
3. password
4. Welcome1
5. welcome1
6. Password2
7. 123456
8. Password01
10. Password3