6 Myths About … Allergies

Allergy Myths ModernMan.com

MYTH #5: Kids outgrow their food allergies.
Some researchers claim that as people age, their gastrointestinal system stops absorbing substances that cause an allergic reaction. That might explain why 85 percent of children outgrow milk allergies (which are different than lactose intolerance), but it doesn’t apply to all foods. For instance, fewer than 10 percent of children outgrow allergies to tree nuts.

MYTH #6: Eating local honey makes you immune to airborne seasonal allergens.
The rationale is simple: If you expose yourself to small quantities of local pollen by way of local bees’ honey, your body can adapt and become impervious to pollen during allergy season. While a lot of tree huggers swear by this, the theory’s biggest flaw is, um, science. In short, there’s no proof it works, and some people actually experience allergic reactions to the honey itself.