10 Great Cookbooks For Men

best cookbooks for men

You might not aspire to be the next Gordon Ramsay, but you should have a basic level of kitchen skill that extends beyond using a microwave or unwrapping a frozen pizza. Not only do women love a guy who cooks, but using fresh ingredients is A) healthier than eating frozen or processed foods, and B) better for your bank account than dining out or ordering in. So whether you know how to cook but never do, don’t know how to cook but want to learn, or are a kick-ass home chef who wants kick even more ass while wearing an apron — seriously, you wear an apron? — any of these cookbooks for men can help you out …

Top Single-Guy Cookbooks

best cookbooks for men grilling pitt cue co#1. Pitt Cue Co.: The Cookbook($26 for hardcover / $18 for Kindle  @ Amazon.com)

At 280 pages, the book runs the gambit of drinks, snacks, meats, success, and rubs, slaws and sides, and sweet stuff. So you’ll learn to mix drinks like a Manhattan, LBC, Camp, and Camp America, while also getting schooled on how to churn out more than 120 smoky and sublime dishes, including hot mutton ribs, whole smoked duck, and deviled chicken bun. Even better, the directions are easy to follow and there are lots of pictures for those of us word haters.

#2. fit fuel book chef irvineFit Fuel: A Chef’s Guide to Eating Well, Getting Fit, and Living Your Best Life ($23 @ Amazon.com)

Chef Robert Irvine’s Fit Fuel offers a twofer of cooking and workout tips. Dude is in his 50s and jacked up — which you get to see numerous times because he’s shirtless for much of the workout stuff.

Divided into three sections, each part focuses on a different aspect of living healthy — an overhaul of the attitude and mind; fitness routines; and lastly, recipes. The photography is sharp and the “how to” aspect of all three sections are easy to follow.



best cookbooks for men burritos#3. Death by Burrito: Mexican Street Food To Die For($15 for hardcover / $12 for Kindle @ Amazon.com)

A modern take on Mexican street food that starts with essentials like corn tortillas, chilies, spices, and cheese and then shifts to salsas and moles. Of course, there’s a step-by-step illustrated how-to for burrito and taco making. There is even meatless options for all you weirdos vegetarians out there.


toast cookbook#4. Toast: The Cookbook ($18 @ Amazon.com)

Never look at toast as boring ever again! This cookbook tackles a simple concept with fifty creative recipes and fresh ingredients for delicious toast any time of day. Whether the bread is broiled, pan-fried, chargrilled or deep-fried, these easy recipes will amaze your friends and surprise your relatives.

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