7 Tips To Prepare Your Gun Before A Hunting Trip

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There are plenty of ways to protect your gun, like using gun socks, removing dust and rust, storing it in a dry spot, and cleaning the barrel regularly.

To spend their leisure time, many people have taken different hobbies. One such hobby is hunting. It is a very popular hobby, and many people even make a living out of hunting. Not only does it give you the thrill of the chase, but it also offers a pleasant reward and a memorable day.

But as you are out on the hunt, you cannot go without your gun, and also, your gun needs to be in top condition, so it does not fail you when you need it the most.

To keep your gun in top condition, follow these 7 tips-

1. Use Gun Socks to Protect Your Gun

Taking your gun out for a hunt is very different from taking it out at the firing range. In the firing range, you spend about one or two hours, and while you are there, you are already inside a room, so your gun faces little to no moisture damage or dust.

But out in the open, there are a lot more hurdles your gun needs to face. The moisture, humidity, and dust can be a huge problem. The dust can sometimes cause the gun to jam.

While you are out, jamming of the weapon can make you miss the perfect shot. It can also make the gun recoil in an unexpected manner.

So, to prevent dust from gathering in your gun, use gun socks to keep the gun safe and to make the gun better prepared for difficult terrain. As you venture in tough terrains, always keep your gun inside the best hard rifle case to keep it safe from externalities.

2. Remove Rust from Your Gun

Another bane of your gun is rust. They can damage the structure of your gun and sometimes can even make the gun fall apart.

So, removing rust is a staple before going out on a hunt, and to do that, you need high-quality CLP to remove the rust. This is a lubricant containing polymers that offer deep cleaning.

First, you need to identify the places in the gun where rust has formed. Then apply a tiny glob of CLP on top of that rust and see it work its magic. After a few moments, wipe off the CLP, and you will no longer see the stain of rust.

While you are applying CLP, make sure that you cover all the rusty areas because if one part goes untouched, then rust can spread from there and make the gun susceptible to damage.

3. Properly Maintain Your Ammo

Whether you are hunting ducks or coyotes, you will always need your ammo. So, just as you are taking care of the gun, you also need to take care of the ammo. This includes properly carrying them, keeping them clean, and putting them in a dry spot.

Because if your ammo is wet, your ammo is useless. You can also put your ammo in your gun stock as they are very good at keeping the moisture away. You can also use some microfiber cloth clippings on the bag or on the vest where you are keeping your ammo.

Moreover, before using any ammo, it’s important to inspect it for signs of damage. Look for dents, cracks, or other signs of damage to the cartridges. Additionally, ensuring you have the right ammunition is crucial for a successful hunting trip. For those using firearms compatible with 9mm cartridges, selecting high-quality 9mm ammo is essential for reliable performance and accuracy in the field. If you find any damaged cartridges, don’t use them. As you use your ammo, you should rotate it so that the oldest cartridges are used first. This can help ensure your ammo is always fresh and ready to use. 

Lastly, it can be a good idea to label your ammo with the type of cartridge, the caliber, and the date that it was purchased. This can help you keep track of your ammo and ensure you’re using the correct cartridges for your firearm.

4. Keep the Stock of the Gun in Place

The most integral part of the gun is the stock. This not only gives you comfort while using the gun but also keeps the gun steady while aiming and firing. So, undoubtedly, you need to take care of the stock of your gun.

Make sure the stock is in the right place and is not loose in any way. Keep the stock dry and clean so that the gun can be used steadily over a longer time. You can just use a dry cloth to remove any dust or stain from the stock.

5. Carry A Cleaning Tool with You

Now, even with all the preparations, your gun still can get dirty while you are outside, and if you are not careful about it, they may damage the gun or affect your shots, making you miss even the easiest target.

Therefore, it is wise to carry a cleaning tool with you. You must have lubricants, scope for low light, Allen, rings, or Torx wrenches that fit the screws on your gun, and screwdrivers. 

You can clean the gun after traveling a set amount of distance or a set number of firing rounds. For instance, you can use patches to wipe away debris and apply cleaning solvent to the bore of a gun. If you want to make cleaning much easier and faster, bringing a multi-tool can be an excellent idea. It has various attachments, including a cleaning rod, a bore brush, and patches. It can be convenient if you don’t want to buy a separate cleaning kit.  

By following these tips, cleaning your gun before a hunting trip will be much easier. Remember, cleaning is important to ensure your shots are accurate while hunting. But along with the cleaning tools mentioned above, you may also consider using rifle scopes to improve the accuracy of your aiming point.   

6. Take Care of the Barrel

The barrel is a very vulnerable part of the gun that is prone to damage if the user is not careful. Often beginner hunters are unaware of the dent seen in the barrel caused either by continuous firing or if the barrel got hit by external impact.

To prevent this from happening, always aim the barrel of your gun upwards and put the stock of the gun facing the ground while you are traveling. This way, the barrel of the gun will be less prone to damage.

7. Clean the Gun After the Hunting Trip

So, after a long and tiring day, with your rewards in your hand, you feel that you have spent a good time hunting.

After you return home, do not just put your gun as it is and go to sleep. To make sure your gun lasts a long time, you need to clean your gun thoroughly.

Clean any objects off of your gun with a patch of cloth. Use lubricant as well, but refrain from using water as it will cause rust.

Use a cleaning rod to clean the insides of the barrel, and after doing so, store the gun in a dry protective case until you use it the next time.

Be careful not to scratch the metal parts of the firearm. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your gun.  

Following all these cleaning tips ensures your firearm functions properly and is in good working condition.  

Final Thoughts

Without properly maintaining your gun, your experience will be extremely unpleasant, and there will be a time where your gun jams and does not fire properly. So, whenever you go out for a hunt, be sure to prepare your gun, and after the long hunt, clean and store your gun in a safe, dry