8 Real Life Horrible Bosses

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Real Life Horrible Bosses

Good or bad, you can probably remember every single boss throughout your career. Some are worse than others, and every so often you probably run into a boss that is actually kinda cool or okay at the very least. However, some people weren’t as lucky as that and have had experiences that will send shivers down your spine.


#1: “Freezing Temperatures Are Good for Ya”

If you think your boss was sometimes tough on you, well, check out what happened to poor Scott Donovan, from Charlton, Massachusetts. He was working for a small marketing agency, and during one exceptionally bad winter day, it was so cold the winds made the temperature drop rapidly. The boss sent him out in the freezing cold to wash the windows. According to his own words, the boss told him to put some alcohol in the bucket so that the water doesn’t freeze while he’s washing. When he asked: “The water? What about me?” the boss cold-heartedly replied: “You’re too young for alcohol.”