8 Ways to Celebrate Your Stag Do with Your Buddies

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If you’re the kind of person who lives life to the fullest and never settles for less, why not consider visiting Prague to make your stag do one of the best nights of your life?

Plan a weekend in the city of Prague and fill your days with lots of interesting and unique activities that you can only experience in this beautiful city. Who would have thought that Prague, a historic city, would make your stag do dreams come true?

Your options are limitless. You can choose to roam around the city to see different tourist destinations on a party bus, spend your day in a beer spa, or visit a Prague gun range.

Here are eight activities you can do to celebrate your stag do with your best buddies.

1.  Take a tour on a party bus

Ever dreamed of partying on a bus? Start off your stag do weekend right when you arrive at the airport. Book a party bus and get the party started this early on!

Explore the city’s architecture and go sightseeing as you drive around the city. Of course, no party is ever complete without cracking open bottles of Czech beer and blasting your favorite music to boost your party mood.

Make sure to include in your route popular tourist destinations like the Astronomical Clock, the Dancing House, and Lennon Wall, among others.

2.  … or hop on a boat instead.

If you want to have a unique experience of Prague, why don’t you consider cruising the Vltava River — and party like there’s no tomorrow?

Host a dinner party, pour your favorite drinks, and you can also request the party organizer to book you some strippers on the side.

Prague is a beautiful city at night even more than it is during the day. Watch how the city lights glisten on the water. It’s both calming and exciting at the same time.

3.  Go classic with a traditional Czech dinner.

If you want a simple yet memorable celebration, book yourselves a traditional Czech dinner. Experience Prague’s unique gastronomical confections in a three-course meal and a couple of glasses of local beer. You can also get a complimentary strip show to keep yourselves entertained all night.

You and your bros will have a great time, guaranteed.

4.  Indulge in a beer spa

Speaking of local beer, you can go to a beer spa and have a heavenly time. Book a day at a beer spa where you can soak in hot water infused with beer ingredients (malt, herbs, and hops) that will help you relax and unwind.

Aside from that, you can also indulge yourself in downing as much beer as you’d like. Just head over to the free-flowing beer taps and enjoy.

5.  Play a game of beer pong

Sounds ordinary, but this time play giant beer pong to take it up a notch. Double up the fun with your buddies. For an hour, you get to throw balls into barrels and get a free glass of beer.

You can also request to have unlimited beer for an entire hour. Show off your beer pong skills and enjoy pint after pint of local beer.

6.  Plan a night out and a pub crawl

Prague’s nightlife is definitely worth experiencing. With lots of pubs lining up the streets, you are in for a treat. Order the best liquor you can find in each pub and spend the night just enjoying your buddies’ presence.

7.  Go on an adventure and drive a tank

Drive a real tank in the city. You can book yourselves 15- or 30-minute sessions with professionals and learn how to drive a real tank through mud, water, and bumpy land. Wear comfortable clothes as you go on this adrenaline-laden adventure and get ready to get dirty.

8.  Visit shooting range

Make your boyhood dreams come true and learn how to handle different kinds of guns at a Prague gun range. You can learn to shoot and fire away using sniper rifles, shotguns, and revolvers.

After having fun, fill your growling stomachs with complimentary drinks and snacks to top off the day too.

How would you want to spend your stag do? There are an infinite number of options — but we highly recommend hopping on that party bus to explore the city or firing away at the city’s top gun range.

Ready for a night to remember? Come to Prague!