5G and its potential to transform the online casino experience

5G is the latest generation of cellular networks, up to 100 times faster than the current 4G standard. Initially released in 2019, and currently available in over 60 countries 5G is becoming more accessible and has the ability to totally transform the mobile experience as we know it. With a more reliable, faster, and secure connection, 5G has the potential to revolutionize the online casino experience for mobile users.

The online casino industry is going from strength to strength, with seemingly endless gaming options available. Whilst previously online casinos would have been enjoyed at a computer, more players are using their smartphones to partake in their favorite games. Players are able to access live casino online games such as Spin a Win or Everybody’s Jackpot Live via smartphone apps or their mobile internet browser. The implementation of 5G technology will only enhance their experience when playing. Playing live casino games on the go can often result in lagging due to poor connection, however, 5G is set to eliminate such issues with increased gaming speeds. Not only is 5G a faster connection, but it is also more reliable making live casino games more accessible for those who play whilst out and about.

Faster gaming speed is also enhanced by the lower latency rates you get with a 5G connection. Essentially, a lower latency rate not only improves gaming speeds and reaction times, but it also has the potential to allow for even more astounding technology such as virtual reality without being confined to a specific area.

So, we’ve established that 5G has the ability to enhance the online casino experience with faster more reliable gameplay, but that isn’t the only benefit. 5G employs blockchain technology, making the network more secure. Blockchain technology, in simple terms, is a way of handling sensitive data without the need for a centralized system, rather it is managed by a network making it harder for hackers to gain access. Any casino whether land-based or online has some aspect of finance attached to the games – whether you choose to gamble a little or a lot, the implementation of 5G allowing blockchain technology gives the user more security when depositing or withdrawing currency.

5G isn’t without controversy, however, there is a multitude of benefits that it can offer. Whilst it was released in 2019, in order to benefit from 5G technology a new 5 G-enabled smartphone would need to be obtained. However, once the necessary upgrades are made it is clear to see that 5G technology has the ability to totally transform the online casino experience for players. Not only does this technology enable a smoother gaming experience, with faster speeds and lower levels of latency. It also allows for a more secure environment for players of online casinos when gambling, with a much lower chance of hackers being able to access their funds due to blockchain technology.