A Low Testosterone Checklist For Guys

Research shows that one in four men over the age of 30 has low testosterone. Men who have low testosterone will likely experience increased body fat, decreased strength, fragile bones, and increased fatigue. Some men, if they have low testosterone, will also suffer from chronic swelling or tenderness in their breast area. 

All of these conditions can eventually take a toll on a man’s life, making it very challenging for them to remain productive and maintain their relationships with other people. 

So unless you’re taking nightly bubble baths in a fountain of youth, there’s a high possibility that your T levels are plummeting as you read this.

As a man, you should exert time and effort in knowing the symptoms of low testosterone so you can easily seek medical treatment. The earlier you notice these symptoms, the sooner you can acquire medical services from professional clinics, such as Advanced Age Management. Early diagnosis of low testosterone can increase your chances of recovering from the health condition. 

Thing is, although diminished testosterone levels is a biological thing — as you age your body produces less of it — allowing those levels to hit rock bottom can translate to things like:

• Fatigue
• Disinterest in sex (fewer boners)
• Loss in muscle mass and strength
• Less productivity

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What’s worse, low testosterone levels have also been associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, heart disease, and other age-related illnesses. This means that over time, your body becomes weaker due to low testosterone count. The longer you leave this health problem untreated, the more severe its effects are to your overall wellness.

progene testosterone kitTo put it another way, low T levels ain’t good for you. Aside from its effects on your physical health, low testosterone can also take a toll on your relationships and, eventually, your mental health. Not having the same interest in sex will likely become a problem in your relationship and, in worse cases, can become the reason why your partner will leave you. It’ll be challenging for you to meet other people and start another relationship if you’re too conscious about your problems with low testosterone. 

The good news is that testing and regulating your testosterone levels is easy and doesn’t involve costly injections or the need to go all Mark McGwire. Potent testosterone-boosting OTC products like Progene have been helping men check and balance their T levels for nearly a decade.

Having sold more than 20 million tablets, it’s clear that guys trust Progene. And for good reason — their product meets FDA standards and, most importantly, it gets the job done.

The tablets are engineered with a dual-action formula that includes rare herbal extracts and clinically proven testosterone precursors to help provide your body with the key ingredients it needs to produce more testosterone. Guys who’ve tried Progene report increased levels of energy, libido, fitness, and confidence.

You can also increase your testosterone by making adjustments to your diet. If you have been struggling with low testosterone for long, consider eating more ginger, oysters, onions, and green vegetables. Eating fortified plant milk and using extra virgin coconut oil to your meals can also help. Conversely, you should also avoid alcohol, mint, bread, pastries, and desserts as these are known to kill testosterone in the body. 

So if you’ve recently noticed a change in your physique, decreased energy levels, mood changes, hair loss, or difficulty achieving an erection, it’s time to get your T levels checked with Progene’s At-Home Test Kit ($20 — that’s 67% off! ). It’s easy to use and will provide a clearer picture in terms of your testosterone output.