5 Great Supps For Men With Low Testosterone

the best supplements for men with low testosterone

Low testosterone in men can mean less energy, a lower sex drive, and reduced muscle mass. Not exactly an impressive trio, right?

Fortunately, eggheads at supplement companies have been, uh, hard at work formulating the best supplements for men with low testosterone. Best of all: no juicing required.

What is testosterone and what does it do in the body?

Testosterone is a key hormone in the body responsible for the development of male physical characteristics. It is primarily produced in the testicles, but smaller amounts can be found elsewhere such as in the adrenal glands and ovaries.

Both men and women produce testosterone, although males have much higher levels than females. It has many important roles, including aiding growth and bone density, regulating sex drive and sperm production, working with muscle mass and strength, maintaining energy levels, helping red blood cell production and promoting overall health.

Its involvement with energy production makes it an essential factor in performance for athletes looking to gain an edge over their competition. And because its effects on libido can increase sex drive in both sexes, testosterone has become linked to overall sexual satisfaction for many couples.

Supplements to Boost Testosterone

The Best Supplements For Men WIth Low Testosterone

#1. Cellucor P6 Black ($50 @ Amazon.com)

P6 Black’s blend of nootropics, or smart drugs, can boost testosterone and bestow enhanced memory, cognitive function, and attention. Which means you’ll be less distracted by shiny objects — or things that bounce up and down on your neighboring treadmill — so you can focus on getting buff … or at least losing your spare tire. Supp mixologists have included memory-boosting ingredients to give this test booster the power to strengthen your mind.

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“GPC is a natural compound found in the brain that is thought to aid in memory development and retention,” says Greg Brockert, owner of Smart Nutrition in Simi Valley, Calif. So after you take this, you’ll be less of a meathead than you used to be.