Adderall Addiction Signs To Look Out For

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Adderall is used as a stimulant for children and adults who suffer from ADHD or narcolepsy but can also be abused due to the increased energy it provides. If you assume that someone you know or love suffers from an Adderall addiction, there are a few main signs to look for to determine if you need to help them obtain professional treatment.

Physical Changes

Adderall abuse can lead to a long list of physical effects that can put the individual’s health and well-being at risk. They may start to experience dry mouth, memory loss, incomplete thoughts, a lack of personal hygiene, disorientation, irregular heartbeat, and nausea.

An addiction to Adderall can also suppress the appetite, which means you may notice your loved one eating less frequently throughout the day or failing to finish their meals. They may start to experience weight loss as a result of their appetite changes and even look malnourished as their Adderall use progresses or becomes more severe.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the most common Adderall addiction signs is increased productivity and higher energy levels, which can make it difficult for some people to slow down. You may notice they don’t stop moving or are always on the go. They may feel proud of how much they get done each day and accredit their productivity and recent accomplishments to Adderall.

Mood Swings

Adderall’s effects on the brain can make it easy for mood swings and changes to suddenly occur. You may notice an increase in aggression or even excitability. Their mood can change within minutes and make it difficult to know what to expect as you spend time together. Some people may also become more talkative and can communicate at a faster rate.

Sleep Difficulty

Because Adderall is a stimulant, it has similar effects as caffeine but can be more powerful, affecting each person’s sleep if they take too high of a dose. Your loved one can have difficulty falling asleep at night or may even wake up frequently and toss and turn. During the day, they may start to suffer from exhaustion.

How Treatment Can Help

Treatment at a rehab facility is one of the most effective ways to treat addiction to Adderall with the help of professionals. Each treatment program differs, making it necessary to find one with a high success rate. It’s important to look for programs where family members can continue to offer support and assistance.

Evidence-based recovery centers like AION Health Group says, “At AION we believe families to be an important component to one’s recovery which is why we promote our ‘Family Involvement’ program. This is where your on-site therapist coordinates on-site family therapy sessions.”

There are many signs associated with Adderall abuse, which can make it easier to know what to look for before you choose to plan an intervention. Once you’re able to spot the signs of addiction, you can move forward with seeking professional help and finding the best treatment center for your loved one.