Read This: How To F*ck A Woman

ali adler how to f*ck a woman book comedy sexComedy writer Ali Adler is a lesbian that provides both guys and gals the dos and don’ts of pleasing women. Yes, there are a lot of words. But the good news is that many of them strung together to make humorous sentences that also provide service. Namely, sex tips for guys who don’t think they need sex tips. Diving into How To F*ck A Woman ($13 @ is, unless A) getting laid isn’t on your to-do list or B) you’re getting laid as often as you’d like. (We didn’t think so.)

Also: How To Be A Better Kisser

Adler drops pointers on kissing, navigating a woman’s body with your tongue — breaking news: evidently females don’t enjoy it when guys leave heaping piles of slobber on their stomach, neck or breasts — and the proper way to manipulate her clitorus and the real estate that surrounds it. It’s worth a look, even for pros who are seasoned at navigating the females anatomy.