And Now Apps Know Our Moods

apps can tell your mood

Some people fear technological singularity, and we call those people wise human beings. And with apps like Moodies Emotions Analytics by Beyond Verbal, we’ve taken another step closer to being overrun by machines. Why? Because this app can now tell someone’s mood simply by analyzing a voices.

With the Moodies app, if you own an iOS device with a mic and you know how to speak (human, not Klingon), it’ll tell you how you’re feeling in about 15 seconds. You’ll even be updated continuously by alerts to your mood changes. (“Yes! Fifteen seconds ago I felt like a raging pile of horse shit. But I’m feeling better now! I only feel like monkey balls!”)

Beyond Verbal, the company behind the app, claims its app’s analysis is based 18 years of research that involved more than 70,000 test subjects in more than 30 languages. It’s a free app, so if you want to give it a test run download it here.

moodies screenshot