The Best Natural Shampoos For Guys

best natural shampoos for men

We’re not tree huggers, but when we hear phrases like “toxic chemicals” it gives us the willies. Sulfates are one of those nasty lab-made chemicals that can strip your hair of naturally produced oil, leaving it as dry as bailed hay. So why not give some natural shampoos that use organic ingredients a test run? Here are five best natural shampoo options we came across …

best natural shampoo for men christina moss#1. Christina Moss Naturals ($19 @

Its vegan formula contains no sulfates, parabens, dyes, or fragrances. That doesn’t mean it’ll clean that mop on your head any less. Though it’s safe for any hair type, those who have sensitive skin or itchy caps should give this a shot.

Another perk: it’s not tested on animals. Dating a vegetarian or member of PETA and you’ll score major points.