Best Cleaning Gadgets On Earth

best cleaning gadgets on earth

You want to keep your place clean. You really do. But life keeps getting in the way. Dates, work, games, travel – who has time for vacuuming? People who don’t work, play, travel and woo sweet, sweet ladies as hard as you do, that’s who.

If you can afford it, hire a cleaning service. The money spent is well worth the joy of seeing your place clean once a week/month. For those of you who are a little light on funds, the genius of bizarre, modern technology saves the day. Your childhood dream of snagging a robot buddy to fight grime with is within reach.

best cleaning gadgets roomba floor cleaneriRobot Braava jet 240 Sweeping and Mopping Robot ($195)
Before the machines take over, put them to work. This one sweeps and mops hard floors, easily cleans those hard-to-reach areas in corners and under things, and can even scrub away dried-on stains in the kitchen and bathroom.