Best First Sports Cars for the Future Millionaire

Best Used Sports Cars: 2007 Nissan 350Z2007 Nissan 350Z

In 2002, Nissan redesigned the Z — and the result was a power-packed vehicle at a family sedan price.

From that point, Nissan continued to build and sell great 350 models, offered at very affordable prices, until again redesigning the Z in 2009, creating the 370.

A favorite of sports car enthusiasts on a budget, the 2007 350Z was listed by Car and Driver as one of the 10 quickest, 0 to 60, under $30,000.

Today you can purchase that same model for around $15,000 with fewer than 30,000 miles. Need to go lower-priced than $15,000? Stick with this one; while searching for your used Z, you’ll notice plenty of high-mileage options that are cheaper. (Another Nissan bonus as they build cars to last.)

You will likely not find another vehicle that can offer the same fistful of pop, and a sleek two-door look for such a great price.

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