Best First Sports Cars for the Future Millionaire

Best Used Sports Cars: 2006 Lotus Elise2006 Lotus Elise

Among the descriptions used for the Lotus Elise, here are some you will not find – comfortable, quiet, practical.

More likely, you will read how it is rough, loud, inconvenient, but also exhilarating, powerful, exotic and rare.

Do not buy this car to replace your daily driving sedan. Instead, use it to replace the adrenaline rush you’d normally seek out by cliff-diving.

When driving it, be prepared for constant questions from onlookers, mostly wondering what the hell it is.

Its body design is unique, like a modern racing vehicle, perhaps from a Hollywood set, though the price tag is much more suburban at $35,000.

The paper stats don’t quite do the car justice; as experts continually say, you must drive it to fully appreciate what it offers. The Elise isn’t necessarily known for its reliability, so have the car looked over by a pro before purchasing used.

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